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Every customer — all their personal information, all their history — everything is in danger. Their data is your lifeblood, keeping your business alive. A system of zeroes and ones that builds relationships, closes deals, and makes you money.

It’s not something you can protect with a locked door or password. Safeguard your way of life with backups, secondary connections, data encryption, and firewalls. There is no precaution too extreme.

Over 16,000 attacks occur every year on businesses. More than half of those data breaches are through employees or IT failures. A single breach costs hundreds per record. Your data could be next.

The cost isn’t financial alone. Insurance doesn’t cover damage to your data or reputation. One out every two businesses never returns to the marketplace following a major disaster. If you can’t recover immediately, you will not likely survive.

How would you keep your business alive?

Supported by a team with a single focus, secured with a network of data centers, defended by a firewall updated hourly, backed up automatically. Let us protect you.