Name File Services Demo Video

name file name file services identify and combine duplicate names ncoa do not call

In the office, employees are working at their computers. One employee is putting popcorn in the microwave. We focus on one employee, Michelle, who receives a notification email that the name file has been validated.

Voiceover: “Every month, Michelle receives the email that the name file has been validated. Names and addresses are verified through the National Change of Address database. Phone numbers are also flagged for Do Not Call registration.”

She starts checking information on her computer screen. She reviews a screen, then a different screen pops up for her to review. She checks a box on the screen and moves on.

Voiceover: “Each quarter, Michelle receives a report of the duplicate names in the system. She quickly checks the Identify/Combine Duplicate Names screen and decides whether or not to consolidate and purge duplicate entries. She only has to update a few entries manually.”

The employee in the background gets her popcorn from the microwave.

“Jan, that popcorn smells delicious,” Michelle says.

The screen rewinds to the beginning and the video starts over. The employee in the background puts her popcorn in the microwave again. This time, Michelle does not review the name file validation email. She ignores it.

Voiceover: “But when you get the email that your name file has run, do you normally ignore it?”

“Jan, don’t forget the popcorn,” says Michelle. Jan rolls her eyes.

Since she ignored the email, similar names start appearing on screen, showing that ignoring your name file email can create a mess of names in the system.

Voiceover: “By neglecting these notifications, thousands of duplicate names pile up. Your customer experience takes a downturn. It creates inefficiencies for your employees and you continue to waste thousands of marketing dollars.”

We see the popcorn still in the microwave and employees are all hanging out and talking instead of working.

The camera zooms in on the microwave. The popcorn has been forgotten and the microwave is starting to smoke.

Voiceover: “That could become a big problem.”

The smoke alarm goes off and Michelle gets up and opens the microwave door. Smoke rolls out. The popcorn is burnt.

Voiceover: “Take a few minutes now to check your ERA-IGNITE Identify/Combine Duplicate Names screen.”