Meeting Expectations through Data: Temecula Valley Buick GMC Testimonial

John Keohane: We want communication directed to customers to be tangible, have some value behind it, and provide them an opportunity to come in and have a great experience.

Rob Dechant: Prior to getting involved with the Reynolds process we were sending e-mail like everyone else, but there's a way of sending an intuitive email. A different demographic has a different expectation. So how do you appeal to them all?

John: Reynolds was able to, by having access to their database, tons of customer information demographically, nationwide.  They took a lot of the guesswork and the onus off of us in terms of how and who we want to market to.

Rob: Our statistics of customers touching our emails are phenomenal. And that relates back to content—we try to keep it real. And this gives us an opportunity to talk about something that's important to them. And that's their car.