Manhattan Beach Toyota Why Reynolds Testimonial

Ron Vartanian is the General Manager of Manhattan Beach Toyota

“My philosophy is when you're green, you're growing, and when you're ripe, you're rotten. So we are always looking for better tools to help our business. Training from the Reynolds' employees was fantastic. They were here side by side with us as we went through it.

“Our employees, in the beginning, just like anyone else, were a little apprehensive. But once they saw the tools and how they worked, they had 100% buy in.

“We actually looked at Dealertrack, but it's more for a smaller set up, maybe like a used car lot who sells 50 cars a month. With Dealertrack, you get what you pay for.” 

Brad Sperber is the Owner of Manhattan Beach Toyota

“They put together a whole, entire road map of, this is what we're doing this week, this is what we're going to do next month, this is what we're doing here, this is our final, this is where we're at. They made it a streamlined process for us.

“Customer service has become such an important priority in today's day in age. We have to be on the cutting edge of all technology. 

“I've heard so many horror stories of people that have switched to CDK or to Dealertrack. They've lost employees, they've lost sales, they've lost volume, they've lost inventory.

“Compared to all the other vendors and products out there, it's just a very easy and efficient product and makes it very easy to run your business. Reynolds fits in our overall vision of our dealership by giving us one tool that sales, service, parts, finance, the business office, everybody can use, everybody understands and allows easy reporting for upper management to efficiently and effectively run their departments.”