Manhattan Beach Toyota ReverseRisk Productivity Testimonial

Brad Sperber is the owner at Manhattan Beach Toyota in Manhattan Beach, California.

“By using ReverseRisk, we’ve actually been able to decrease expenses. We look at the trending report at the end of every month. We can see exactly how much new car advertising, used car advertising, employee personnel expenses. Every single expense that has been used in the dealership compares to the previous 13 months. We’re able to see if we’re moving up on a category or down on a category. It really allows us to be conscious of our expenses.”

“I have not seen any solutions that even come close to the amount of information that is right at your fingertips, that’s color-coded, easy-to-read. Just to where it gives you the information right up front.”

Ron Vartanian is the general manager.

 “When we first installed ReverseRisk, I saw some incentives that weren’t collected. Our accounting made some adjusted and resubmitted them and we got paid on them. The total was close to $150,000.”

“With ReverseRisk, our cash flow has sped up. It allows me to look at my CITs and see in real-time where they’re at. I can email my service director and find out what’s going on with open ROs. It’s held everyone more accountable knowing I’m going to be looking at it so they get the ROs closed out in a timely manner.”