Life At Reynolds

Bill works on the product planning team:

“Here at Reynolds, we’re the premier provider of automotive retail software, and it just feels great to be on the winning team.

“They don’t just throw you straight into the fire. They gave me in-depth training to get me ready for my roles.

“One of the main things that drew me to Reynolds was our corporate campus. It’s honestly like nothing any of my fellow graduate friends are experiencing.

“We have a basketball court. We have a sand volleyball court. We have a baseball diamond. You’re going to find someone here at Reynolds that has the same interests as you.

“If someone is considering to apply at Reynolds, I would tell them to do it. Do it today.”

Kate works in software implementation:

“I started as an intern here in college and when I came to apply full time, I knew I loved the company, I loved the culture.

“My extent of knowledge of the automotive industry is that I was able to drive a car, besides that I didn’t know anything coming in.

“I was surprised to see the amenities. I’ve worked in other corporate environments and no one supported their staff like they did here.

“I love working for a company that really wants the best for you and really wants me to succeed every day.”

Kenny provides technical assistance to customers:

“The atmosphere working at Reynolds and Reynolds is a very positive one. We definitely strive to build you up as a person and as an associate.

“Any kind of constructive criticism is given in kindness and with the ability to grow from.

“The first time I visited Reynolds campus, I was blown away. They do have an on-site cafeteria and a lot of associates can gather there and mingle and eat lunch at the same time.

“Reynolds does have the opportunity for promotion from within. You’re working with associates that have been on the lower positions, so they know where you’re coming from.”