Let FOCUS Be Your Halo

Roger, a salesman, enters a showroom after sending his customers on a test drive. 

His colleague approaches, “Hey Roger! Where's that couple you had?”

Roger replies, “Oh they're out on a test drive.”

“Well good luck man,” says the colleague. 

“Thanks - don't need it!”

Roger continues to his desk where he sits down to work through some emails. 

*Poof* Suddenly, an angel appears. 

“You know you should've gone on that test drive. Could've shown them the features. And what about the financing?” says the angel. 

“Yeah...” Roger says as he nods along to the angel's points. 

*Poof* A devil appears engulfed in flames. 

“Relax! It's been a busy day. And they don't want you looking over their shoulder anyway,” exclaimed the devil. 

Roger agrees with the devil. He starts to push the angel in his desk drawer. 

“No no, what are you doing! No no!” the angel screams.

*Splat* The angel falls into the desk drawer and Roger slams it closed. 

“Seriously?” calls the angel. 

The devil boasts, “Thanks! I was starting to feel guilty.”

Roger and the devil high five in support of the job well done.

“Hey Roger!” says the customer returning from the test drive. 

*Poof* The devil disappears. 

“Oh! What'd you think?” Rogers asks. 

“It's not for us - appreciate it though,” the gentleman says as he shakes Roger's hand. 

“But, but wait...” Rogers stutters. 

“No, no, we're good. Thank you,” says the lady. 

Roger follows after the customers, begging, “Did you notice how easy it was to use the lane assist? Did you take it out on the highway? Come on...”

Improve your process with FOCUS.

Still is the desk drawer, the angel asks, “Hello? Did we close the sale?”