Land Rover Dallas Advanced Service Testimonial

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Clay Caruthers is the service director at Land Rover Dallas in Dallas, TX.

“Our biggest challenge here before we installed Advanced Service was clients leaving. About twenty percent of our clients were going somewhere else. We want our clients here.

“With Advanced Service, it has our clients we thought we were losing coming back in. It’s great.

“I started out as a technician. Everything was paper, everything was handwritten. You’re running around the place looking for this, looking for that. So now that everything is electronic, it’s just quicker, smoother, faster.

“There are reports you can look at every day. You can actually follow what your advisors are selling and not selling. There are some service alerts you can actually setup so it alerts you when the tech is in it, when the parts department is in it. It just gets rid of that whole deal.

“It makes the techs real happy because they’re not walking all over the dealership; they’re not trying to find an advisor. Everything is electronic so they can stay in their stall.

“The transfer from writing on paper to going to electronic comes natural, so after probably two days, it was perfect.

“Taking on Advanced Service was easy. I would tell other customers that they would be foolish not to try it. Once you do it, it just becomes habit.

“With Advanced Service our total gross per RO is actually up 8.5 percent. Our labor gross profit is actually up 24 percent. Our labor rate is actually up $11. Advanced Service definitely pays for itself.”