Kodata Promo

[Upbeat music plays throughout]

“Kodata is a flexible, simple data archiving solution that helps easily store and retrieve month-end reports.

“It can reduce paperwork, eliminate expensive storage areas, prevent misfiling mishaps, and reduce the risk of having your financial reports stolen.

“Kodata is a cost effective way to start electronically archiving your documents in a safe and secure manner.

“Each month, you send copies of your month-end reports created by your system to Kodata.

“Kodata prepares a year-to-date recurring account so you can view your reports on a disk or on the web.

“For your convenience, Kodata processes your data within four business hours of being received and can be viewed on the web or via a disk.

“Kodata also offers customizable audit disks that are IRS compliant. They will include your requested documents on your disk which can be sent to your outside accountant.

“If anything happens to the website or to your disk copy, there is always a backup. We keep a copy of stored information as long as the customer uses Kodata.

“When it comes to choosing a data archiving solution, the choice is clear: Kodata!”