Friendly Ford Document Storage Testimonial

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In 2005, Friendly Ford of Roselle, IL experienced a fire due to a lightning strike. The entire dealership was engulfed in flames. Pictures of the incident show filing cabinets burned throughout. Where once there were stacks of boxes and files, only ash remained. Vehicles in the showroom were covered with soot and ash.

Randy Yockey, Fixed-Ops Manager and Co-owner, recalls the event.

“We unfortunately experienced a very severe fire due to a lightning strike back in 2005. It wiped out the majority of our business. We, like everybody else out there, had a file clerk, and everybody filed. We had paperwork everywhere.

“When we rebuilt, one of the things that we did not want to do is lose those important documents. We went with document storage with Reynolds and Reynolds. It’s a wonderful tool.

“We don’t have any boxes. We don’t have a file clerk. We’ve been on this now for several years, and we’ve had no issues whatsoever.

“Every single day, documents are scanned; documents are shredded. It works for every part of the business.

“When you call and say I need a copy of a warranty claim or a job I had done a year and a half ago, within minutes we can give you that. You can access it any time you want. Why would you not do it? It’s — the money alone you’ll save by having a file clerk that doesn’t want to do it anyway, that’s going to do it improperly. And then — God forbid — you got to go find it, which nobody can find it! It’s an absolute no-brainer to have Document Storage.”

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