Experience Parts Barcoding: Jim Hudson Lexus

Warren Spooner is the parts manager at Jim Hudson Lexus in Augusta, Georgia.

“The old way was such a grind.  I mean it was two people tied-up for a long period of time doing a monotonous job.

“One guy would look at the label, call out the number.  The other guy finding it on a packing slip, marking it as received, find out who it belongs to, set it aside, process it later. 

“Parts Barcoding was a big enhancement that cut our time in half.

“It’s quick.  It’s easy and its one person and they’re on their way.

“Now he scans it, prints a label, sticks it on it, its right there in his hand tells him who it belongs to.

“With the Parts Barcoding and getting the extra time for my wholesale man to make his phone calls we’re able to see an immediate uptick of about five thousand dollars a month increase in wholesale parts. 

“It will just increase your efficiency more than you can even understand and you’re just not going to want to be without it.”

Edgar Alewine is the fixed operations director at Jim Hudson Lexus in Augusta, Georgia.

“We have to get those parts checked-in quickly and we have to get them on a truck. We cover the entire state of South Carolina and we have those parts delivered to the customer before eight a.m. There is no way we could do that without Parts Barcoding. 

“Parts Barcoding has been a great tool. I can’t imagine that you do business without it.”