Experience Integrated Document Management and docuPAD® With Hendrick Automotive Group

Denise Marenna is the Vice President of Consolidated Accounting at Hendrick Automotive Group.

“I’ve been in it a long time. So, I’ve been in it when it was really fun. There wasn’t so many regulations, so deals got in, we billed them, boom. You know, years go by, regulation, regulation. It got not fun.

Everybody was struggling with the amount of paperwork that was required just to handle a transaction. We have all the regulations that we have to go through, and prior to IDM [Integrated Document Management] and docuPAD, it was sort of hit or miss, ‘are we going to get all those documents?’

We had people running back and forth with bag runs, and they’d go pick up the deals from the dealership, ship them over here, oh no, we found something wrong, it’s missing. It got shipped back to the dealership. The amount of paperwork was almost like people were buried and trying to get out of it. There would be boxes in the parts department lined up all the way to the top. Of course, it would get damaged.

All of that has been eliminated. In today’s world, it’s all in one location. It’s all right there in electronic form. We just go into digital deal jackets or into IDM [Integrated Document Management] and pull whatever information we need. That is the huge benefit of digitizing everything – it does not get lost.

Through IDM [Integrated Document Management] and docuPAD, we were able to keep all of them in one central, electronic folder so that we have less errors. Then, coming into the office, we’re not transporting paper back and forth. Now, we’re able to bill it within fifteen minutes. We’re able to comply with all the regulations, but we’re also getting our money much faster. We’re going to be able to have a consolidated cash flow because of that.

My team from the accounting perspective and the operations team are starting to have fun with each other again. For the first time, we don’t have to argue where that paperwork is.”