CrossRoads Automotive Group eWorkflow™ Testimonial

Timbo May is the director of operations at CrossRoads Automotive Group, centralized in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

“We probably have six or seven 45-foot containers full of deal files. We have box trucks full of deal files. We have overhead in the parts department full of deal files. In the last 10 or 12 years, the paper deal file has almost doubled in size because of all the regulations. So there’s a lot of paperwork to do at the sales tower and a lot of paperwork to do in the finance office. We probably process about 2,500 deals a month. They end up everywhere.

“Our farthest store is about 150 miles from us. We spend probably 15 or 20 thousand dollars a month in courier fees just to process a deal. For the last three or four years, we’ve invested in technology to try to eliminate paper.

“Instead of the customers getting reams of paper when they’re done, they go on a little USB flash drive. We checked with our legal counsel and had them vet all the forms so that now everything that we have is completely compliant and conforms to the FTC regulations. So we really feel very, very confident about our deal structure.”

Dave Cannon is the general manager of CrossRoads Nissan in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

“We’d have deals that were in contracts in transit that were out there for a little bit longer than they needed to be. It was difficult locating all the papers for a deal.

“The electronic deal jacket allows us to just pull up a deal right away without having to go next door, or travel, or sift through a whole bunch of papers. Everything is completely electronic. It goes through docuPAD®, it gets sent right immediately through accounting, and it’s a done deal. So there’s really no lag time in how a deal gets funded.

If you’re a dealership that’s planning on being around a long time and wants to have a competitive edge, this is something that’s coming in the future. It’s not going anywhere. Paper is gone very, very, very soon.”