Contact Management - Bryan Honda Testimonial

Tim Roussell is the general manager of Bryan Honda in Fayetteville, NC. 

I’ve worked with VINSolutions, I’ve worked with ELEADS, I’ve worked with Higher Gear – but they are not real-time. That’s the differences between your Reynolds Contact Management system and your vendor systems. A customer’s not getting an email trying to coax him in when he’s already put a deposit on a car and he’s waiting for it to come in. This system won’t allow that. It’s a better line of communication to the customer.

The biggest thing I can attribute to the increase in business is the efficiency of the dealership. With Contact Management, you can schedule when salesmen get leads and when they don’t get leads. The average salesman gets seven to fifteen tasks a day. Management sees those tasks. Salespeople see those tasks. It’s not a guessing game anymore. It’s a process they go through every single day.

Eason Bryan is the dealer principal of Bryan Honda. 

Because our DMS is Reynolds and Contact Management is a Reynolds' product, that makes everything flow so much better. We get everything housed in one place and there’s less multiple entry along the way.

Our philosophy is to try to remove every excuse possible to allow the employee to be able to do their job as easily as possible, and with Reynolds help, we’ve done that. And it’s a lot easier to hold people accountable for their performance now, because we’ve given them the tools they need.