Connected Podcast Episode 124: Car Buying Made Convenient

Hi I’m Greg Uland with Reynolds and Reynolds and this is Connected today's a fun episode I get to

sit down with Ashley yard Ashley is the director of client success at Gubagoo she's been there for over 10 years at this point so seen a lot by way of uh evolution in uh chat certainly um leading into virtual retailing and and into all forms of communication with uh with customers but uh she's seeing seen quite a bit so I'm excited for this conversation Ashley uh thanks so much for joining


thanks absolutely


so actually maybe we can start uh with just a little bit of background about you we were chatting just before we started recording you've been with Gubagoo for over 10 years which is I mean you've seen a lot of a lot of growth in that 10-year time frame for sure um but then also before that you had a couple of other uh Automotive retail experiences um so curious I guess maybe from the beginning how did you how did you get into Auto retail it's it always fascinates me because I swear all of us have a story and then once we're in it's too much fun to leave so I'm curious what uh what your path is like


absolutely I worked in retail for a while and I didn't really love it so I worked went over to DME automotive and started doing client success and support seeing the call center side of the world and you know working with dealers is really exciting it's very Dynamic things are changing things are moving very fast there's a lot of technology I think I got sucked in from there


yeah that's good one and uh again I go back to like it's just there's so much to learn it's so much fun the people are the best people on the planet um so once you're in it's like I don't really want to leave you know it's just fun


yeah it's a lot of fun


um you know it's great so talk a little bit about uh maybe just your your growth with Gubagoo and what you've seen so Gubagoo is at this point I mean I think most would say the uh probably the largest chat provider in automotive um you know certainly a leader in the space uh and and has grown into you know the leader in Virtual retailing uh moving into other conversational platforms so there's a lot of growth there but from your perspective as somebody who's been there for I mean pretty much since the beginning um you know what's what's that I guess maybe a little bit of behind the curtains early on stuff and what you've seen how things have grown


yeah absolutely it was really exciting going from working somewhere where we didn't have an office and that was the only account manager and kind of wondering where things were going to go but it was a lot of fun to see it grow and Implement processes and procedures and scale you know to having you know 100 clients to having 500 clients now having over 6 000 clients and being International it seems like it just moved really quickly I blinked and I'm like oh I've been here 10 years and we're an international company and we're you know one of the strongest providers in chat and virtual retailing it's also exciting that we started with chat which was a core like lead generation service and we've grown into plugins and third-party Integrations into virtual retailing so it's become like a monster of a project where we keep adding more and more features for dealerships and becoming more and more integrated into their their day-to-day business and even with the Reynolds you know acquisition it's just continued to grow and Blossom and I feel like I'm really glad to be here and I'm really lucky to have seen it in the infancy stages and seen it grow and mature to where it is now and I'm always curious where it's going to go next


yeah yeah definitely you know one of the things I noticed um so you probably have some interesting stories but when I was down there I mean it's been probably three years ago when we first met um it was down there in uh the office in Florida and um you know one of the things that just stood out to me was was the basically the way that the banks were set up and the teams were set up of chat Specialists um obviously in 2020 that that shifted right we've kind of moved to a more virtual model which which is great for everybody you know the levels of support are even higher but um I don't know it's fascinating so it was almost set up like uh for anybody that's been like in a true BDC like in a bullpen type of place you know it was kind of set up like that where you have people facing each other and two Banks running down an aisle and you have a team lead on the end and different colored lights and it was fascinating to me so maybe I don't know do you have any stories about that


yeah absolutely and I love this setup but you're saying we had light systems so when people needed to go on break the lights would change different colors we knew who was online we knew who was coming back from break um it was a very busy hustling environment where there's a lot of things going on but there was a method to the madness and I think we we learned from having other offices what we needed to be successful and what made the most sense and I'm really glad you got to see the Boca office because it was awesome


yeah it was it was good um on that note so it was it was a cool off it's a cool space there was an office for uh for Brad Title so Brad's pretty uh well known in the throughout the industry right he's been around for a while he's done a few different things in the latest um but uh you got any fun Brad stories


oh {Laughter] operation he's a people person I mean he has a lot of uh customers that are lifelong customers because they followed him through the industry he knows that he's going to put out a good product and that he's going to support the product from beginning to end and he's always going to look for the new shiny toy or the new feature that's going to bring us to the next level um so he's definitely very Innovative I'm trying to think of it of a recent story but I feel like a lot of my stories I'll probably keep quiet


that's fair that's fair um all right good deal well so we're you were just talking about you know all the the chat agents and how everybody was set up and kind of in the office and and uh obviously moving in a more remote environment I I don't I don't know I think our our chat agent count has probably grown though which is great because there's you know there's a real need for that human interaction right um but I wanted to talk to you a little bit too and just get your perspective because you've seen again a lot of change and a lot of growth over the years on AI right artificial intelligence and and kind of the growth of the chat bot essentially so chatbot's been around for a long time um and and I always I always laughed you know for for years and I mean it stuck on it is today you're not going to fool somebody into thinking they're talking to a person right like you just be honest with them hi I'm I'm chatbot Greg or whatever it is um but as as AI progresses and and language models get better and better um where do you I guess kind of see that fitting into uh the chat world and not just even chat specifically but the conversation world right what does that look like in a CRM what does it look like in chat certainly but texts and emails and everything else right how to how do you see that evolving or maybe already is evolved to a certain point


yeah absolutely I feel like it has evolved I know when we started we had no Ai No chat Bots you know just 10 years ago people were still calling the dealership still going in um so I feel like it's evolved to where people are finding that Blended experience I think there's a lot of consumers like in the research stage where where maybe an AI can handle their questions or tell them if the dealership hours are 10 to 6 or whatever the case is so very basic questions it seems like the assistive Tech can do that when customers are engaged and they have a question or they need more information kind of need to talk to a person you need to have something that can understand what you're asking have some empathy have some understanding of the situation so that's really where like the the human aspect comes into it and then when people are ready to buy a car like in the virtual retailing process of it that's really when like the dealership involvement is there and they need to kind of hop in and start working the deal or start providing numbers on the sales inquiry or updates on a service you know order if you will so I think there's this hybrid concept of we don't want to just have people answering all your chats or or just you know handled that way but you also want to have a little bit of of a blend so that the customer gets what they want in a very quick efficient manner and they want convenience like I'm a customer too you know I want convenience I want to be able to buy a car from my couch I don't want to go spend six hours in a dealership and get the pitch from the sales guy and I think it's awesome that our tool allows a combination of all these things and we're always working on making it better and and finding ways to make it more efficient for the consumer but also for the dealership users as well and maximizing their profits


yeah that's good and I want to I want to roll that back real quick because what I what I heard was I think what I heard and I just want to make sure is really kind of three layers of chat right so you have you said uh sort of the research phase right of the buying process where people just want information and and I think you're right when you say that AI handles that the best right it's it's fast it's accurate those types of questions that are true information gathering um it just it adds a lot of speed so you have that research phase and that's kind of the AI sweet spot right and and the AI should be good and it should continue to improve and it should get the right information and it should get it immediately really um because that's what the customer wants right they want that immediacy so that's the first thing the second thing I heard you say um was kind of a an engagement phase where um you know that that customers starting to ask more in-depth questions they're they're really starting to to want to um have a conversation for lack of a better word right and that that engagement that they have I would guess and we can dig into this maybe in a second but I would guess that that conversation that layer is probably what makes or breaks the conversion right either you see defection or you see uh you know a hand Raiser um so okay that's good so I want to come back to that but so first thing was the research phase second thing was uh the engagement phase and you said when they're ready to buy a car so kind of the the buy ready phase and that's when you want to get a Tito Tito over to a dealership somebody in the dealership write a sales rep a BDC rep whatever that is um because at the end of the day once that customer is ready to start seeing numbers they they want those numbers to be consistent throughout right so you want that that flow and that engagement to be the same


yeah absolutely I know there's like three phases and each one has so much depth to it but you're absolutely right I think having a little combination I think if you're a company that only has one of these three pieces you know you're going to have challenges or you're going to have deflection or or not as much conversion but taking each of these and and implementing them in different stages of the of the customer Journey you can really maximize the customer experience as well as the dealership experience and then everybody wins


yeah yeah so real quick let's talk about let's go back to that um engagement phase and uh you know again an assumption of mine so I'm just curious your thoughts here what you've seen but you know when you you get somebody into a chat or not even a chat right you get somebody on a landing page or engaging with you in some way shape or form obviously not everybody is going to say I want to buy that car right that's just not going to happen um but the the job of um you know the dealership and then obviously anybody in chat or any other service provider is to get that person to raise their hand right to get that conversion to get them turned over to a salesperson to then allow them to sell um so have you seen a difference or I guess maybe go a little deeper on what that middle phase means when it comes to conversion


absolutely that's like you said the make it break it area if if someone's asking questions you need to build trust pretty quickly you need to give them some info but they're not to the level yet of being ready to buy a car so you need to give them a little bit of what they're looking for or answer some basic questions and I know sometimes it's stuff that a chat or third party can do and sometimes it's something that the dealership needs to do so making sure that we're building trust pretty quickly and making sure that you're giving the customer a little bit but you're also capturing like what the next couple steps are so that you're building it's almost like having a phone call or having someone on the lot and you're trying to work the same type of process but you're doing it either through text through chat through you know Facebook or any kind of those channels because there's so many channels now that all tie back to one place that you get to leverage that and the customer could be in their car a customer could be on their couch so again it's just super convenient for the customer to get a little bit more research or a little bit more information about a car they want to buy maybe even a video walk around of the car saves them a trip to the dealership they don't have to feel the pressure of a salesperson but they get the info they want so that they can continue to the buying process


yeah yeah that makes a lot of sense you mentioned something that just stood out to me I don't know why it's probably because it's top of mind it's recent memory but uh you said you know whether they're on chat whether they're on messenger or whatever um so I have never spent more time on Facebook Messenger than I have in the last two weeks so I I coach my daughter's softball team and we were doing tryouts over the last handful of weeks and and I had more parents reach out via Facebook Messenger than any other platform like my cell phone number is out there you know you can text me um and and it was great don't get me wrong I'm not complaining in any way shape or form but what I'm getting to is what have you seen over the years and kind of maybe most recently on methods of communication right so there's a lot of them but I would assume you have kind of chat on the website you have um text I'm guessing SMS right and then you have messenger probably the top three but I don't know what do you see


yeah those are the top three for sure it's funny how often people are on Facebook and they'll start a messenger conversation and they'll think they're talking talking to someone you know at the dealership sometimes they are sometimes they're talking to a Google rep or you know a third party those are definitely the top three channels


and it's amazing to me there's so many layers of channels you know you have like Google you have apple you have Auto Trader things like offer up and all these channels it's nice that we can connect them into one platform for the dealerships and then they can communicate to so many users that maybe they didn't communicate before and they were waiting for those people to either come into the dealership or call the sales line but now they have like a wider net of channels to kind of service all these customers and kind of keep everything under one umbrella have you noticed a difference in um you know maybe position in the funnel uh like the buying process by channel so you know I would imagine messenger is like it's almost a non-personal like safe way to communicate with somebody right you're not texting them they don't have your cell phone number um so you maintain a little bit more control over that interaction um you know chat if it's on the website I feel like you're engaged maybe you're a little further down if you're looking at a specific vehicle something like that but again these are assumptions so I don't know if you've noticed anything I'm kind of curious there


yeah absolutely and your guts telling you the right thing I feel like with Facebook it's a very um non-personal it's very like you can just ask a question so we see a lot of non-purchase related or non-serious inquiries coming through Facebook it's usually people say asking for something personal like I want to speak to someone or hey I had this complaint you know about an experience or about a situation so those seem to be not further down the funnel but people who are mobile seem to be very engaged and they can pick back up where they leave off in text so I feel like if you're on the website where there's desktop or mobile or if you're texting you're pretty engaged and I feel like texting is starting to be more and more popular people aren't as timid as hates pretty personal like creating no offense I never text you but uh you know someone else to buy a car I think they want to have a little bit of space between them and the dealership at first until there's a level of trust or a level of information but texting allows them to you know go back and forth a little bit build a little Rapport and then they can get further into the funnel so to your point I think mobile and SMS are like our lower funnel customers and then of course people in the VR are virtual retailing tool um they're pretty down the funnel because they've already found a car they're already engaged they haven't kind of know what they're looking for so I feel like those have a very high conversion rate


yeah absolutely so let's talk about that a little bit VR and get into that because it's um I I love where we've gone with it I think it's it's pretty amazing I think we've gotten to the point where you know you can truly have a single deal right from from that first interaction on the website all the way through you know a funded e-contracted deal electronically whether they do it remotely or in the store it doesn't doesn't really matter it's all the same deal um so that's a that's a long put from hey let's have some people answering chats uh you know 10 years ago um so so talk a little bit about maybe an Insider's view of that Evolution and what it's looked like uh from your seat you know being there for for over 10 years and kind of seeing you know these these phases roll out and ultimately in the last handful of years getting to the point where I mean the the VR platform from from Google and it's it's really been built out to the point where you don't need anything else right and it's built into the CRM to desking to to the DMS to F and I like it's all one one piece so um I don't know talk about it from an Insider's point of view


absolutely and you're right second all in one solution which is awesome it's definitely taken some time to get here there's been lots of versions of it you know I didn't realize how much paperwork sometimes goes into each deal and how many different rules and different rates and residuals and state laws and County differences and taxes so there's layers upon layers of getting out all this stuff to work into one tool so that consumers can buy a car online and even have it delivered to their house so we have a lot of customizations out there for the dealerships to make sure it's following all the requirements but it's also fitting how they want to work a deal and we have a lot of Partners out there that have helped us kind of take things to the next level so it started off you know with a few features and then it's evolved and now it's evolved even further so it's really exciting to see where we are and I'm always curious okay well what are we going to come out with next and I know one of the big things is you know the in-store experience so being able to maybe start some of the process at home and then finish it in store and have that be seamless for the customer but also for the dealership so we're always trying to make the customer experience better so that they'll come back and they'll have more business but we're also trying to help the dealership simplify their processes have less tools to log into so there's a lot of layers to that but it's really exciting and it's I think it's had its Growing Pains at certain points but I also think it's really awesome to work with so many different providers you know out in the space like KBB different DMS providers our own internal teams getting to collaborate more together it has been really fun to see


that's great it's great um she mentioned you mentioned how much paperwork is is included in signing a card do you know so on average do you know how long if you if you printed out every piece of paper uh that it takes to do a car deal and you laid it end to end any guesses on how long that is


I would guess like six hours but I I don't know I try to avoid paperwork


Yeah it's a lot so if you like actually measure it out so you have whatever eight and a half by eleven or legal size paper it's 39 feet 39 feet of paper yeah wow okay isn't that crazy


that is crazy and I feel like 39 feet of paperwork might take six hours


yeah it's uh it's wild but then you're right when you talk about all the different variables too and that's that's one of the biggest things and one of the biggest hurdles is um you know you don't set it and forget it on any of this stuff right and especially for a dealership who's selling uh you know that's anywhere near a state line if they're selling across state lines or even even county lines to your point with tax rates um you know when you look at a tenth of a percent that can be a lot over 40 Grand right like it's yeah it can be a dramatic difference so that can adjust the payment quite a bit and it's a difficult conversation when you have to sit down with a customer and and walk them through why their payments 50-60 dollars higher than what they thought it was going to be um or it's a painful conversation with you know yourself slash your your boss when you have to back into a deal and you end up taking profit out of it so you can match the payment yeah um it's it's a really frustrating awkward conversation so you gotta you gotta make sure you're on top of that stuff um because if you're not then that's that's when those those kind of bad days happen


yeah we don't want any of those bad days haha


um so so let's talk a little bit too about you mentioned the in-store experience and one of the things that that I'm always interested in and I can never seem to to find I mean I I know I know what we do with Gubagoo but it seems like there's different kind of narratives out there on uh offering F and I products online right and whether that's assisted with somebody in the dealership helping whether that's um you know self-guided where it's just you know the the customer kind of going through the process um do you I don't know do you have a take on the value of offering F and I products online because I still feel like well I I know in a lot of ways because we've asked consumers on many different occasions we've done these studies where you know what what do you find Value in and one of the things they always come back to in the car buying process is talking to somebody that that can educate them on finance options and insurance products yeah because in so many ways you just don't so many people don't know what's out there right and they don't know what these things are they certainly don't understand the value they bring to them so why would they spend a few thousand dollars on them um but they do definitely see value and crave education right so somebody that knows what they're talking about so they can at least make an informed decision uh so anyway that's a really long way of asking the question I don't know what your what Your take is on uh F and I products online


yeah I think to your point it needs to have a vacation but also having someone who can answer their questions in real time who's a subject matter expert you know who knows how to explain it simplify it give them their options so I feel like whenever the the dealers can interact with the client directly and just answer some of those is the best experience but giving them a little bit of information to self-serve will get those people to bite and to understand like oh I know a little bit so now I have better questions that I can go to the dealership with and so I think it's a hybrid


yeah so okay that brings up another another thought um and maybe I'm going down the wrong path here but so you mentioned when we first started talking about the layers of chat you had uh research phase engagement phase and kind of ready to buy phase so inside of that ready to buy phase then um I wonder if consumers if at least there's the potential for consumers to then revert back to the  beginning of that process if they're you know once they get into sort of that F and I area so you know they're ready to buy and they've moved into a virtual retail environment they're engaging with somebody at the dealership but then maybe they're looking at products right they're looking at uh Insurance products and they have a question so I don't know if it's a pretty straightforward question then does that put them back into a research kind of phase where AI could be better equipped to answer those questions quickly and immediately versus somebody in the store or like a chat agent I don't know what do you think about that


yeah it's a really good point and I think having uh customers in different phases you know you have like your majority of what's going to happen but to your point having them get to the buying phase and then have questions they can still use uh we still kind of hybrid the AI as long as the chat special as well as the chat specialist so I feel like there's a little bit of everything going on even though there's each phase has its majority shareholder I guess you could say our majority thing that it uses once they do ask a question it I think having a little bit of the assistive Tech or Ai and a little bit of a human chat specialist that can understand the complexity of maybe what the question is is there going to be anything worse than having an f and I question have assistive technology tell you something that's wrong and then you're as a consumer you're like this is a poor experience so I think uh making sure you have accurate information and making sure like you said it can kind of toggle between all three of the options that are out there is probably the best way that any any of this can work


yeah yeah for sure um no that makes sense I just I just kind of thinking through it it's like I guess you know inside of the overarching funnel there's these little mini funnels at each point right each each point that you have an opportunity to sell um you know whether it's accessories whether it's you know Finance whether it's Insurance products whatever it is um any any opportunity to sell you have these little mini funnels inside of the broader one so I don't know it's an interesting way to look at it um all right what what else what haven't we talked about Ashley what else you want to touch on


uh you know I think there's some some benefits and limitations of AI you know and I think I think spot where you on chat GPT is out there and there's all this new technology and I think dealers are some dealers are scared of it some dealers are excited about it I think there's a level of you know uh hesitation maybe because we're kind of stuck in our ways and a lot of times it's like hey we've always done it this way don't put new new technology out there um but I do think there's a lot of like you were talking about earlier just instant answers or faster responses you know that has been one of the the big benefits of of the assistive Tech coding out I think as well like monitoring some of the challenges and making sure we get ahead of those is a key to success because not having a customer who's upset or frustrated you can lose their trust pretty quickly so you have to be able to work around that or to make sure that you're you're building that out of the gate and then you're using a blended experience to make sure that they're  getting answers but they're getting the right answers and you're you're communicating with them in a way that they want to be communicated with


yeah that's great that's great um so you mentioned GPT have you used that much


I can't say I have I that's going to be a fad it's just going to go away but I've used it and I'm pretty  impressed you know I feel like this would have been helpful in high school or college but you know I can see how it's so fast you know you type in something and it's pretty quick to spit out some answers but I also see you know it's pretty um it's like cliff notes or it's it's not always 100 accurate so I think there's a level of hesitation on my part uh what do you think


so here's a fun little when you have like I don't know an hour to kill because I'm sure you got nothing to do yeah this is a fun little project though so is there anybody that you probably in a work setting communicate with via email a lot that has their own tone right their own unique tone where it's like yeah that's something that fill in the blank would say yeah okay so like for you who who would that be like just pick one


oh probably Justin Radamaker


okay so with with Justin if you like take Snippets of his emails like the things that are that you you read like the paragraph that you're like yeah that's Justin talking and um you feed it into chat GPT so like you start a little chat and it's not just ask a question but it's um hey chat GPT I work with Justin Radamaker he does this at Gubagoo um and I want you to write an email for me in his tone um here here's what here's how Justin Radamaker writes emails and then you just like paste those snippets in there uh once they're in there then you can type out something in your own words right so all right I want this email written in the the tone of Justin Radamaker and I swear it'll spit it back out to you and you're like holy cow did he actually write that it's amazing that so that that's a use case where like it's it's wild how much it can just draw on those those specific words or phrases and and put it together in that way that is awesome


I'm going to try that next time I have some free time


yeah it's it's a fun it's a fun use because I mean there's a lot of use cases that uh really bright people are coming up with and uh you know a lot of it is you know certainly for the the big topics that there's a lot of information out there on um yeah you can kind of plug and play but you can also use it in that way where you you have the input which then gets you the output that you want yeah it's not just that output tool you can also kind of train it and put it in there so it's it truly is it acts certainly as as machine learning technology where it'll understand your inputs and then provide you the outputs that you're looking for


yeah it's pretty cool I can see it really having a the automotive industry and just kind of where things are going in other Industries as well but I think it's uh pretty unique so I'm definitely going to play with it a little bit


yeah I wonder if with with chat or even with just like live plays or something like that if we could do that with uh with dealers right so if there's a dealer who's a prominent figure in the dealership or in the community or in the region and especially if they have their own tone right their own kind of flare yeah um you know if we could do that with them to kind of program out you know phrases or how they  could respond I think that could be really interesting that would be cool I know for sure we're using a lot of different technology like predictive text machine learning you know throw this in there maybe I'm sure our product and Dev teams have a lot of tools in their toolbox


oh yeah oh yeah I know they're the they're the best working on things from all different all different angles for sure


um uh one other thing I I wanted to to bring up and I don't know you know if this is going down a rabbit hole we don't want to follow that's fine um but something that's eternally fascinating to me especially in a remote setting right so Google naturally it's a remote setting it's it's chat it's virtual retailing um you know everything is pretty much done online moving to in-store but again it's still that Blended experience where you're you're carrying over the remote experience um but e-contracting many Leasing and all everything that goes along with it has grown a lot in the last three years for pretty obvious reasons but not the least of which being that it's right thing to do right there's there's pressure coming at dealers from all different angles you have consumers that just want things to be fast and easy you have lenders that want to move that way for you know lower risk and and speed of transaction and and fewer people that type of stuff and then you have just the general operating principle of speeding up cash flow right getting money in the bank faster yeah um so with with Gubagoo really moving forward and pushing the envelope in Virtual retailing um you know clearly Contracting is a part of that that needs to be uh integrated and it is but uh curious what you've seen from an evolution perspective because that adds a whole other layer right it's one thing to be able to calculate a deal it's another to be able to connect with lenders and make sure that that each one of them has everything that they need so I don't know if you have any perspective on that at all


yeah absolutely I think that was like the final stage of everything right of being able to e-sign and use different tools and make sure you have all of the compliance information all of the legal information to to close the deal and it's really exciting to know that we have that capability and that a lot of the dealers are excited about it I think there's some hesitation you know there's some hey we'll do that when the customer comes in the store but there's a lot of dealers are like hey let's save them a trip you know let's make this fast and convenient for us fast and convenient for the consumer um I'm just surprised I thought it was going to take us a lot longer to get there to be honest because of all the complexities and the fact that we have that available it's it's pretty awesome


yeah it is so uh what's next right you get to talk to dealers pretty much every day right and you have for for a while now right over a decade um so what are you hearing what are people wanting to do and I'm sure some of it is stuff that we can do already some of it's stuff that we're gonna do in the future um but but what are you hearing any consistent themes where it's like everybody wants to do this  thing


yeah you know that's a really good question and I feel like we get so much feedback of a lot of it is hey we love your tool we want it to do this or we love this part of it can you customize it in this way so we're constantly evolving how we can customize or how we can more brand it to each dealer or group you know so that way it's more in their tone or in their logo or in their color scheme I guess you can say so that's what we hear the majority of um we also hear a lot of hey can you integrate with this person over here or this CRM provider so we're always working on more Integrations where it can eliminate extra systems extra costs extra whatever so those are the two biggest Trends um I think people are also trying to figure out like how to sell more cars with spending less money so you know trying to find ways to cut out any middleman trying to find ways to simplify the process so to your point what else can we add into the virtual retailing flow to make it simpler for the consumer but also make it  somewhere from a dealer appointment interview or maybe cut out a cost


yeah okay good good well Ashley I could talk to you for uh for hours for sure but I want to be obviously respectful of your time and let you get back to back to your team but um what haven't we touched on that we should anything else that you want to dive into at all


no I think we covered everything it's been a pleasure thank you so much for having me


for sure glad you could hop on uh Ashley Yard uh director of client success at Gubagoo thanks so much and I'm sure we'll talk again soon


all right thanks


that was a fun conversation with Ashley Yard from Gubagoo I'll tell you when we first uh acquired Gubagoo when Reynolds first acquired Gubagoo I went down to their office we kind of talked about it a little bit Ashley and I did but I could tell that uh her and her and Brad title definitely have um you know they go back a ways we'll say it and so I was hoping we could get maybe a story out of her but it didn't happen so that's okay uh maybe next time or if you're ever if you're ever on the phone with Ashley try to pry something out of her that way but anyhow appreciate you joining that conversation it was a lot of fun for me I hope you enjoyed it too uh don't forget you can watch or listen to all episodes of connected on YouTube apple and Spotify podcasts uh make sure to hit subscribe so you notified every other week when new episodes are released thanks so much for joining today and we'll see you  in two weeks