Comeback Roundtable

Hi, I'm Dave Bates, chief customer ambassador for Reynolds and Reynolds. I'm thrilled to have a couple of guests with me today… Neil Huhta, who's the CFO at Boniface Hires and Kris Cox the dealer principal at Cox Chevrolet.

I'm really glad to have you guys here at our comeback round table today.

Kris Cox: Thanks for having us, awesome to be here.

Neil Huhta: Thank you, Dave.

Dave Bates: So, both of your dealerships we're using Reynolds and Reynolds, and then left to go to somebody else. But, ultimately you decided to come back to Reynolds. What were some of the things that you considered in coming back that made it something you felt comfortable coming back and saying let's try this again.

Kris Cox: There was changes happening in Reynolds and Reynolds unbeknownst to us that was bringing the company back to the relationship side. And we stayed in touch with our friends at Reynolds through that time, and Reynolds was saying, “hey, we're not the same Reynolds that you left a year ago.” And that was being echoed through other channels, and it just really worked out to where, in everybody's timing, it made sense for us all to come back together. The culture had changed, and it was fun to be together again and both sides of the table were having fun and making money.

Neil Huhta: I agree with what Chris is saying. We noticed and we watched Reynolds on the side change, and our sales rep and his manager came down and we were just completely shocked with what they put together, so pleasantly surprised. And it was such a different approach than our previous experience with Reynolds. It had become transactional, and it was just a little bit too business and not enough, you know, mutual partnership, and that has changed. And so, now we feel like we have a partner. So we just are in the process of building a new store, we didn't even put it out to bid. We just went straight to Reynolds.

Dave Bates: We certainly appreciate your continued confidence. What do you hope the future holds for your relationship with Reynolds and the partnership?

Kris Cox: What I'm looking forward to in the future is Reynolds and Reynolds helping us stay on the cutting edge of technology and process for us as dealerships to remain relevant. And to serve the customer the way that they need to be served and to give our team the ability to do that. And that just shows me that the wins that we're having with our team and the ability of our platform with Reynolds and Reynolds is back to where we can have that level of confidence in all those areas.

Neil Huhta: We hope to be able to serve our customers and provide for their sales and repair needs for a long time. We just hope that Reynolds continues to be nimble and react to the market as you have been because it is just so amazing to have that kind of a partner to back us up.

Dave Bates: Thank you that's music to my ears, and I'm glad to hear it. I just want to thank you both for participating today and sharing your thoughts and experiences. And thank you all for watching. Now's the perfect time to rediscover Reynolds.