Chevrolet of Montebello - Why Reynolds Video Testimonial

Chris Teague is the dealer principal at Chevrolet of Montebello.

"Our gross numbers with ADP used to be off 15 grand, and our sales DOC at the end of the month used to be off like $15-$20,000. We had MarketScan to do an m-pencil. We had VinSolutions. Our sales managers were going to four to five different websites. Not efficient at all."

Our lease was coming up for renewal. We said, 'Let's look at ADP's new system. Let's look at Reynolds and Reynolds.' Right off the bat, the organization of the presentation between ADP and Reynolds and Reynolds was just night and day."

"And that's a big thing for us, why we switched to Reynolds, is the customer support is by far superior to ADP and some of the other providers."

"The Reynolds system has made us more efficient. We're up in new car sales. We're up 22%. Customer pay growth, we're up about 10%. Counter sales growth, we're up about 25%. Used car sales are up 10%. Finance is up $400 per copy."

"Higher profits. Higher CSI. Everything on one platform. And overall, a greater customer experience. Reynolds has definitely made us a lot better retailer and I would say Reynolds and Reynolds is a partner in our dealership. They know that our success is their success."

Ted Eck is the general manager of Chevrolet of Montebello.

"Honestly, I was expecting a month of hell for the transition between ADP and Reynolds, but the trainers were so good. Everybody was ready. The day we switched over from one to the other, it was seamless."

"It's more user-friendly. People can do their jobs better. When you bring in a new person, they're up to speed doing their job in a matter of hours, instead of days or weeks."