Callbright Enhanced Call Completion Video

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Have you been getting a lot of calls but have no idea where they end up? Sure, they may be reaching a live person, but too often they get passed around until they hang up or even land in a voicemail box you forgot you had.

Every phone call is an opportunity to sell or build a customer relationship. Don’t let them get lost or dropped in the maze of forwarded calls and complicated routing processes.

Callbright’s Enhanced Call Completion options prevent sending your callers to the wrong destination.

Auto Attendant acts like a virtual receptionist and gives you the freedom to set how customers reach their final call destination.

Round Robin helps eliminate dropped calls and staff quarrels by distributing leads evenly throughout available team members.

Call Forwarding helps you keep the lead alive by sending unanswered calls where you want them, instead of an abandoned voicemail box or worse.

And Time of Day Routing lets you control where calls land after hours or any other time.

Change where your calls are landing and create a clear path to more revenue opportunities with Enhanced Call Completion. Want to learn more? Call 800.486.2394 now to speak with a Callbright sales representative.