Bryan Honda XtreamService Testimonial Video


Tim Roussell, general manager at Bryan Honda, knew his old equity mining tool wasn’t sufficient.

“Old system would tell you, ‘Hey, your customer was in service yesterday and spent 800 dollars.’ It’s a little late. New system, ‘Your customer is in the service drive right now, it’s a good time to go out and greet them.’

"We already know they’re coming in; we know why they’re coming in. We have an Xtream[Service] lead sheet that’s produced for us in the morning, so when they come in, we know what’s going on with the customer.

"The sales people are notified in real-time and you’re able to set up those templates behind the scene, so that they actually make sense to the customer.

“That’s a testament to Xtream[Service]. You’re marketing to your customers, you’re talking to your customers, you’re offering up suggestions. A lot of the time when you offer it up, they’ll come and buy from you.

“That’s technology you won’t see anywhere. Those kind of things will put you on the cutting edge.”

Kevin McGirt is the sales manager at Bryan Honda.

“They approach the customer and they basically ask them, ‘I can take you out of this vehicle, put you in a new vehicle, and keep your payments affordable. Would you be interested in something like that?’ 75% buy that day. We average about 50 every month.

“Having that information to go and talk to a customer with that wealth of knowledge about their bill, I definitely wouldn’t want to lose that. That’s one of the best tools you have as a sales department.”