Bryan Honda eWorkflow™ Testimonial Video

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Tim Roussell, general manager at Bryan Honda, knew technology and customer expectations drove them to adopt eWorkflow processes.

Consumers today are different than consumers of yesterday, not the way they buy but the way they receive their information. The speed at which they receive their information, the accuracy of how they receive that information and all those things have evolved. Most of the computer equipment here was fairly antiquated. 

It’s Bryan Honda that needed to come alive. 

With the right process, the job becomes fun. The entire dealership is dancing to the same music. It’s efficient in the time that you spend with a customer. It’s efficient to the time that you spend working on progressive actions rather than working on complaints and problems. When you can take the time that it takes to do business and shorten it, naturally your profits go up.

“​​​​​​​I hear so many people say well, this is what the future looks like. No. That is what the present looks like. It’s not the future. It’s here right now.”  

Randall Wood, Bryan Honda's service manager, saw the drastic improvement from before eWorkflow processes to after.

“​​​​​​​They had no measurements in anything. It was just kind of do what you do and hope we sell some cars and service some people.

“Every piece of it is intricate with each other. From A to Z now, I feel like we have everything we need in order to succeed.”

Eason Bryan, dealer principal at Bryan Honda, saw they couldn't keep doing business the way they always had. They went all in with eWorkflow processes.

“​​​​​​​It was almost death by a thousand cuts and all these things were draining our resources of time and energy level. All the evidence presented itself to the ultimate conclusion that there’s no other option that we need to go ahead and make this change and go all in. 

“​​​​​​​Everything from fixed ops to the variable side to parts to the office, they all function well together.”​​​​​​​