Bryan Honda Consulting Video

Eason Bryan is the dealer at Bryan Honda in Fayetteville, North Carolina:

"The challenge with any of these kinds of projects is that it’s such a big undertaking to iron out the small wrinkles that we are going to have through our own internal modifications of the business. But the way to execute that for us has been Reynolds Consulting.

"They came in and reinvigorated everything. And really it’s going to work a lot better for us.  They really help us understand what you ought to do first and then the order you ought to do it.

"Call Reynolds Consulting. It will be worth it."

Tim Roussell is the general manager at Bryan Honda:

"They’ve really kind of lived it, breathed it. They’ve been able to take this system, and actually take the processes, and really dial them in to what the dealership actually needs. They’ve been at a dealership. They know a dealership. They’re not computer guys. They are real true car guys.

"That’s been invaluable to me to have that go-to guy. They pretty much can fix anything that you have come up."