Avoiding Information?

Sales people are typing at their desks. One salesman is standing in front of the window, sipping his coffee. He notices something outside that shocks him. He spits out his coffee everywhere.

Outside, someone is getting out of their car.

The general manager starts walking through the sales floor, barking orders. Employees start scrambling around.

“The eagle has landed!” shouts the general manager.

He stops at one desk and points to a salesman. “Straighten that tie!” The salesman sits up straighter and fixes his tie.

Outside, someone is carrying a briefcase and heading toward the building.

At the reception desk, the general manager puts on his suit jacket and stops to talk to the receptionist. “Annie, did you get yesterday’s reports up to Mr. Miller’s office? Thank you.”

Outside, the door is being opened.  

“Morning, Mr. Miller.” says the general manager.

The dealer and general manager walk through the sales floor and up the stairs. Dealership employees are still working around them.

“Morning Elliot.” says Mr. Miller, “I noticed those cars out front haven’t been moved yet. Shouldn’t this have been done by now?”

Elliot nods, “Yes sir, we’ll get on that right away. How was your 20 group meeting?”

“Informative.” Mr Miller turns to Elliot, “But, we’re missing something here Elliot. The other stores, they’re increasing profits even during normally slow months. I need to do some digging.”

They continue to walk through the accounting offices, with more employees working around them.

“Also, find something that will show me our expense forecast for the year. I should probably look at last year’s expenses as well. Have Mitch bring me those so I can compare the two.” 

The general manager stops to talk to Mitch. “Have the managers get that together and bring it up.”

“Right away,” replies Mitch.

From down the hall, Mr. Miller calls out, “Elliot, I’m not finished.”

They continue to walk through the executive offices at the dealership.

Mr. Miller continues. “We are getting killed with service customer retention compared to others. Schedule a meeting tomorrow with the BDC and service managers. I want to hear ideas from both of them on improvement. Have we filled the vacancies on the sales floor yet?”

Elliot shakes his head, “Not yet.”

“Our turnover has been atrocious lately. Let’s figure out why, yes?”

“Yes sir,” replies Elliot quickly.

The general manager walks away while the dealer enters his office. The door closes behind him. He puts his briefcase down on the table and looks up at the stack of reports sitting on his desk. His eyes get wide. He sighs loudly and his shoulders sag when he realizes how much is there. He brings his hand to his face and rubs his forehead. He tosses his papers on the table and turns back out of the office in defeat.

“Elliot! Somebody find me Elliot! Have those cars been rotated yet?” 


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