Andrews Cadillac eWorkflow™ Better Experience Testimonial

Nelson Andrews is Dealer Principal at Andrews Cadillac.

“Being able to make a good impression on a customer is fundamental to our branding. We’re a locally-owned dealership and we want to have a long term relationship with our customers.

“We couldn’t keep doing the things we kept doing and expect the same result because the customer’s expectations are evolving and we have to change, too, to reflect that.

“I think these tools give us a much better shot at meeting or exceeding folks’ expectations. We’re able to integrate information in a way that helps make a really good impression on the customer and focus on the communication with them instead of other distractions.

“Reynolds allowed us to get really good components in every category which has huge dividends operationally. It’s very important to us to be a good retail organization and not just some car dealership.


Carol Edwards is Controller at Andrews Cadillac.

“What makes us unique is we’re still family owned and operated and we want everyone who comes in here, whether they’re coming in for sales or service, to feel like they’re part of a family.

“We’re betting on the future. I mean, you’ve got to keep investing in new technology.