Temecula Valley Buick GMC GoMoto Testimonial

Fred Hayes:  The customers today, their expectations, I think, are centered around all the technology. Everything is at your fingertips. More people are accustomed to seeing kiosks, accustomed to using those types of devices. I think customers expect that now in the service lane.

Phillip Candido:  With all the technology there is now, customers come in and they just want to be in and out and they don't want to stand around in line. The GoMoto kiosk, it's definitely helped with the morning rush. It's helped us eliminate the line that we used to have. The customer now comes in and they're welcomed by one of our greeters. The greeter now goes to the kiosk with the customer. They check in and then they're on their way.

Fred Hayes:  Before GoMoto, the backups in the service lane were due to not being able to get to the customer in a timely manner.

Phillip Candido:  There's times where menus are passed over, where the advisor forgets to tell them, "Hey, it needs its major service." And now with the GoMoto, customers are presented with a maintenance package every time.

Fred Hayes:  The time freed up from not having the customer sitting in front of them every single time they come in, it helps them be more efficient. It helps them focus more on the customer's concern and the maintenance and service of the vehicle. Before GoMoto, we would average approximately $130,000 in service gross. The kiosks in the service drive doubled the gross profit in the dealership. It's amazing. One hundred percent using the GoMoto kiosk makes the dealership more profitable.