The biggest threat to your used vehicle department? Data that can’t keep up.

You rely on data to make decisions for your used vehicle department every single day.

But traditional tools for acquiring, appraising, and pricing used vehicles often deliver insufficient data that is outdated, time-consuming to sift through, and tough to analyze.

  • Do you frequently resort to browsing the same few third-party websites searching for inventory when your acquisition tool doesn’t yield enough results?  
  • How much time do you spend sifting through comps because there are outliers that don’t match the vehicle you’re trying to appraise?
  • How often do unknown issues with vehicles lead to unexpected reconditioning costs that eat into your profit?

In this eBook, explore how inadequate used vehicle data is holding you back and discover how you can improve the quality of your data for faster, more accurate, and more profitable decisions.

After you give it a read, talk with us about how you can harness the power of quality data in your used vehicle department.

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