Think theft can't happen at your dealership?

Almost 40% of dealers have experienced theft and 62% of that comes from employees. But you can protect your dealership from theft and embezzlement with a system that constantly analyzes daily operations for unethical practices. 

Reduce the likelihood of theft with Suspicious Activity Monitoring, our dealership-wide analytic tool that alerts you when questionable activity is found. 

Reduce your risk of employee theft with:

  • A dealership-wide system that uses forensic accounting analytics to monitor your dealership so you can spend more time running your business. 
  • System notifications to employees to deter theft. 
  • Color-coded reporting that flags transactions as questionable so you can quickly review. 
  • Detailed monthly reporting sent directly to your email for a deeper dive into transactions.
  • Options to ignore events and activities that are within your common business practices.

Protect Your Dealership


What's really going on?

Flying Money

Can you recover? 

88% of businesses never get stolen money back.

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Who is the culprit?

Even trusted employees steal with the right motivation. Most thefts occur from employees who have worked at the dealership for 5 or more years.

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How much could you lose? 

The average loss due to employee theft in 2017 was $800,000.