Reynolds Electronic Payments is a new Accounts Payable solution powered by FIS. It not only digitizes and streamlines the way your vendors are paid, but gives you the opportunity to collect rebates on your payments as well. Send one batch file to FIS for all payments to better manage your payables throughout the month. 

With Reynolds Electronic Payments, you can:

Generate Revenue Icon

Generate Revenue

Pay vendors quickly through single-use virtual card payments and collect rebates from those electronic transactions. 

Boost Efficiency Icon

Boost Efficiency

Simplify AP by sending batch payments electronically instead of spending hours on batch check runs and stuffing envelopes.

Cash Flow Icon

Save Money

Reduce your expenses in Accounts Payable by eliminating the cost of printing and mailing your vendors' checks.

Maintain Security Icon

Maintain Security

Make secure online payments, manage user access, reduce the risk of check fraud, and have an electronic audit trail.

Your vendors benefit too...


  • Receive detailed remittance data for a better audit trail.
  • Improve experience and working relationship by giving them payment options and visibility on payments status and history.
  • Improve cash flow by receiving digital payments instead of waiting for checks via mail.

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