Automotive Brand Retention and Defection Report 2024

You face an ever-changing landscape that’s constantly presenting new challenges.

The 2024 Automotive Brand Retention and Defection Report looks at the impact those changing dynamics had on consumer behavior and retention over the last year. It’s as essential as ever to understand where you can find conquest opportunities.

This annual report is a critical and ongoing analysis of dealers’ retention and defection data. The results of the report are derived from finalized deals for new and used vehicles that were purchased or leased at U.S. dealerships operating on Reynolds’ DMS.

The report tracks 48 OEM brands, and it only includes deals where both vehicles were one of those brands. The results represent a random sample of all vehicle buyers and were calculated based on a 95% confidence level.

Whether it’s on a nationwide or regional scale, paired with other demographic, behavioral, and transactional information, the data within the report empowers dealers to both improve their retention rates and conquest new customers.

Retention and Defection Report 2024

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