"Retail Anywhere is the next step in evolution."

The Challenge

Mark Dodge Chrysler Jeep was ahead of the curve when they first embraced digital retailing. They saw tremendous growth, but over time, their volume began to plateau and profits dipped.

Looking for an answer, they realized their struggles were due to inconsistent information. A customer would receive a quote in sales and it would suddenly change in F&I. Mark Boniol, dealer principal, said, “At that point, you can’t get that genie back in the bottle.”

Even when everything was agreed on, it was difficult to sell any F&I products, and get the deal signed. 

"You can't get that genie back in the bottle." Mark Boniol

The Solution

Today, Mark Dodge Chrysler Jeep has two selling environments: a brick and mortar showroom and virtual one. They have separate budgets and separate marketing campaigns. What they don’t have is separate prices or separate processes. Enabled by Retail Anywhere, they have a consistent process no matter where the customer is starting or ending their buying journey.

Retail Anywhere is an all-encompassing approach for sales and F&I teams to sell a vehicle or F&I product while maintaining control, profits, accuracy, and efficiency. Mark Dodge can:


Assist customers as they browse online. They can ask questions, provide vehicle information, and work through the negotiation process.

docuPAD Remote customer viewer

Engage customers with an effective aftermarket presentation and signing ceremony. Deliver the educational knowledge and tools that are most relevant to the customer and allow them to sign on their own terms.

docuPAD leadform

Fund deals electronically. They can eliminate redundant steps and processes by communicating with lenders and sending deal terms in a digital, secure format.

The Results

Mark Dodge results

With Mark Dodge's product being commoditized, there was no difference in a RAM from them or a RAM from someone in Dallas. They recognized what was going to differentiate them was being more efficient for the customer, no matter where they were. Reynolds helped them do that. As their efficiency grew, their productivity grew. The more customers they were able to serve, regardless of where they were, the more revenue they could bring in. Over the last three years, they are up 126% in gross profits.

"It's explosive growth. Retail Anywhere is the next step in evolution. It’s where we have to go.”

Mark Boniol | Dealer Principal | Mark Dodge Chrysler Jeep 

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The Results

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