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ReverseRisk®: The Route to Better Dealership Reporting

Take a closer look at some of the value you'll find in ReverseRisk.

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  • Uncover the true profitability of your car deals by seeing the entire life cycle in one seamless view.

  • Review sales or F&I performance at a high level or dive deep to understand how performance affects profit.

  • Understand your month-to-date vehicle sales in seconds with one easy view of both new and preowned sales and variance between pace and forecast to make impactful changes throughout the month.

  • Reconcile car deals throughout the month with a concise view of every deal with variance between F&I and accounting, the employees involved in the deal, and drill down capabilities.

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  • Track needed gross for parts and service versus your forecast and month-to-date gross. 

  • Manage each advisor's individual performance in one report that breaks down their open RO's and performance to track against KPI's and help them improve throughout the month.

  • Track all warranty payments in one seamless view. With the ability to add or review notes, you maintain good visibility on their status.

  • Get a better grasp on your most profitable RO's by zip code to send well targeted marketing campaigns.

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  • Discover cash opportunities at your dealership that can increase profits today. 

  • Take performance tracking to the next level with a report comparing your dealership against the top 25% using NCM benchmark data. 

  • Get an entire view of your contracts in transit with reporting that tracks deals through their life cycle, from F&I to accounting.

  • Reconcile inventory against floor plan throughout the month to ensure all your inventory is accounted for and any sold vehicles have been taken off.

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  • Consolidate and review the performance of all stores using one report. Set parameters to compare one store to another, compare regions, compare domestic to import stores, etc.

  • Quickly identify the banks giving you the best reserve across all stores.

  • Get a good grasp on not only which new vehicles are selling best at each store, but which used vehicles are selling best across all stores.

  • Set parameters for receivables and stay up to date on all stores exceeding those parameters and by how much. Drill down to review the highest numbers of contracts in transit, for example.

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