Sales | Work a single deal from chat to funded.

  • Deliver a personalized virtual experience by engaging with customers through chat, video, text, or Facebook Messenger.
  • Present payments including stackable rebates and incentives, real-time lender approvals, and aftermarket products. Accept credit applications, documents, and payments — all from your website.
  • Track everything your customer does online in your CRM for a seamless purchase experience if they choose to continue their buying journey in-store.
  • Leverage video chat and sales tools for an interactive menu presentation no matter where your customer is.
  • Capture secure, digital signatures in-store or remotely.
  • Send a complete digital funding package to your lenders to get cash in bank in hours, not days.

Inventory | Buy and price used vehicles with real-time data.

  • Search auctions, marketplace sites, and private seller listings from one central location.
  • See diagnostic codes and precise reconditioning costs during the appraisal process.
  • Appraise and price used vehicles using comparable sets that are refreshed daily.
  • Automatically receive appraisal and pricing recommendations based on your dealerships specific goals and pricing strategy.
  • Gain market insight to identify the fastest and slowest moving vehicles by variables like year, make, model, trim, and more.

Service | Expand your capacity without expanding your hours.

  • Allow customers to schedule service online, view vehicle status, and pay invoices in one central location.
  • Free up your advisors time by providing self-service check-in and check-out options and allow for key pick-up and drop-off after hours.
  • Ensure every upsell opportunity is identified, captured, and followed up on so you can make the most out of each appointment.
  • Cut down on traffic between departments by allowing your technicians, advisors, and parts employees to communicate instantly.
  • Decrease wait time for approvals by sending recommendations to customers via email or text message, and allowing them to approve or decline work online.
  • Capture images and videos that the customer can view to better understand recommended maintenance to reduce back and forth with advisors.

Business Office | Take control of your cash flow.

  • Ensure deals are lender-validated prior to signing and electronically submit finalized deal jackets for faster funding.
  • Proactively track contracts-in-transit and identify which lenders fund the fastest to reduce your CIT time.
  • Pay invoices electronically the day they are due and eliminate the need to print checks and stuff envelopes.
  • Send A/R statements, cash receipts, EFT remittance, and direct deposit advices electronically.
  • Allow customers to securely pay invoices instantly from anywhere.

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