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Jim Hudson Lexus Advanced Service Testimonial

"We've more than doubled our hours in the shop." - Randall Wood, Service Manager

Advanced Service works with you, not against you. You can:

  • Automatically assign recommended work back to the tech that found the repair – even if it's a return visit.
  • Ensure your fixed ops team follows a forced-march process from greeting and finding the upsell to pricing and payment.  
  • Automate communication between departments to improve the timeliness of the repair.

Advanced Service Allows Jim Hudson Lexus to:

Illustration of laptop, chart, and magnifying glass

Increase profits using reports to track every upsell. 

Illustration of car on lift and tablet image of car on lift

Maintain a consistent process with every opportunity.

Illustration of car invoice on tablet

Provide accurate pricing and a consistent routine to improve customer trust.

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