Protect your customers; protect yourself.

The cost of not taking data security seriously has far-reaching effects beyond dollars and cents. In fact, eight out of 10 consumers would not return to a dealership if their information was hacked1. That’s why dealers, OEMs, and industry vendors all have a stake in protecting consumers’ personal information. As a Reynolds customer, your data is protected throughout the entire Retail Management System and during its transfer to all of your OEMs and certified third-party vendors.

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How does Reynolds help you with data security?

  • Our Retail Management System is compliant with all state and federal security regulations.
  • Timely security enhancements stay on top of the constantly changing security environment and regulations.
  • All software and data transfer interfaces are monitored regularly to identify and fix potential weaknesses.
  • We provide options for secure data movement to necessary OEMs and third-party vendors.

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