Logo usage

Our logo communicates our position as a market leader. Its usage should protect our brand equity. Use only the logos obtained from Media@reyrey.com. Do not copy it from other documents or communications; those logos may have been altered for use in the other document and/or the reproduction quality may have been compromised.

As a registered trademark, there are legal considerations governing our logo’s use. Never use the logo as part of a sentence or in place of text where ‘Reynolds and Reynolds’ or ‘The Reynolds and Reynolds Company’ should be used.

Logo Area of Isolation

Area of isolation

An “area of isolation” (or margin) must surround the logo on all sides. This space should be a minimum of half the height of the logo (or equal to the height of the word “Reynolds” within the logo). Other graphics, slogans, and taglines must not infringe on this area of isolation.

Reynolds one color logo

One-color logo

This logo version is only to be used on one-color documents, either in black or Reynolds blue, or on permanent structures such as buildings or trade show booths. The latter is to preserve the form through any future color iterations.

Reynolds white logo

Reverse logo

When placed on a document where the logo will be surrounded by a dark color, use the reverse logo with white lettering.

Reynolds and Reynolds horizontal logo

Horizontal logo

Originally created for the web, our horizontal logo may be used anywhere vertical space is limited. This logo is considered to be secondary, and should only be used in the event space is limited.

Media information

One Reynolds Way

Dayton, Ohio 45430