Reynolds/CARFAX Collaboration is a Big Win for Dealerships and Consumers

The collaboration saves dealerships time and manual effort, while providing the transparency customers expect


Jan 23, 2024

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company and CARFAX are announcing a collaboration simplifying automobile dealerships’ integration with CARFAX, while enhancing consumer confidence.

Through the Reynolds Certified Interface program, dealerships that opt into CARFAX Car Care will have service records seamlessly added to the Vehicle History Report. This process saves dealerships significant time and effort, while benefiting both dealers and consumers. With 450 million Carfax Vehicle History Reports viewed annually, these records promote participating dealers’ service lanes. In addition, consumers rely on CARFAX Reports to track their service and show their vehicle has been well-maintained when it’s time to sell.

“The ability for dealerships to use data effectively is paramount to finding ways to improve productivity throughout the store,” said Chris Walsh, president of Reynolds. “Removing the task of manually uploading service vehicle and repair order information opens up more time for employees to focus on more profitable endeavors.” 

The integration provides consumers with meaningful information about a vehicle they’re considering buying. Not only will they have a history of maintenance and repairs for the vehicle, but in many cases, they’ll know where that work was done. By using the CARFAX Car Care program, consumers can keep track of their vehicle’s service history and get alerts when service is needed, pointing them back to the dealership.

“This arrangement between CARFAX and Reynolds & Reynolds is a win-win for dealers like me,” said Jason Thoenen, Sales Manager at Lambert Buick GMC in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. “Consumers win because well-documented service makes their car worth more over the long haul, and my team wins by saving valuable time.”

Transparency about the history of a used vehicle is key to ensuring a satisfied buyer. Now, Reynolds customers can promote their services and provide a better experience, without sacrificing productivity.

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