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Connect using multiple devices and can do business anywhere, anytime and do it better :: Byers Chevrolet: Columbus, OH

Connect using multiple devices and can do business anywhere, anytime and do it better

We had classic Contact Management for years, switched to VinSolutions, and then decided to come back to Reynolds and upgrade to the new Contact Management. We missed the integration and functionality of Contact Management that VinSolutions just didnít have.

With Contact Management, if we sold a car on Monday, we could send an email the next day thanking them for their business, where on VinSolutions that may not happen for seven days because the system didnít mark a vehicle sold until it was finalized in accounting. This also created confusion among our sales team and caused salespeople to show vehicles already sold to customers, making us look unprofessional. We didnít want to risk our relationships with our customers, so we would manipulate VinSolutions to create the integration we missed with Contact Management.

Now that weíre using new Contact Management, things are a lot easier. When responding to leads, salespeople can actually go into Contact Management and pull up a template, modify it and answer the customerís questions completely. Previously, all they could do is stop the clock and say ďI got your lead.Ē Also, we now have the ability to report across multiple locations and connect using multiple devices. Our salespeople can address any customer or inventory question from their iPhone or iPad. We can do business anywhere, anytime and do it better because we have full access to the application.

New Contact Management is similar enough to classic that the change is not scary, but different enough that we truly benefit from the change. Itís easier and best of all, mobile. By using Contact Management, everybody is always connected and business is always moving.

Linda Crossman
System Administrator
Byers Chevrolet
Columbus, OH

30-minute decrease in the time it takes to complete a deal :: Duncan Auto Sales: Key West, FL

30-minute decrease in the time it takes to complete a deal

Duncan Auto Sales is a multi-franchise dealership. In order to stay competitive, we started looking for a more modern way of managing our customer relationships. We chose Contact Management.

Our previous system for managing customer relationships consisted of paper, pencil and the system provided by Toyota. These processes did not allow us to pull all of the leads from our different websites into one CRM. We needed something that could incorporate all of our franchises into one system.

When I saw a demonstration of Contact Management, I had no reservations. We have been using Reynolds and Reynolds for years and have been very impressed with it. I knew Contact Management would be exactly what we needed.

Since the installation of Contact Management, I have noticed a 30-minute decrease in the time it takes to complete a deal. There is less back and forth between the desk and the salespeople because all the customer information is right in front of the sales managers and they know exactly what the salespeople are looking at.

All of our salespeople have embraced Contact Management. It makes our lives easier, we have less paper and we track our customer information better. The customer service and training we have received has been outstanding, and the follow-up process since installation has been great, too. If someone is not using Contact Management, they are missing the boat. It works perfectly Ė no hiccups.

Mike Cabot
New Cars Sales Manager
Duncan Auto Sales/Key West Toyota
Key West, FL

Reports are easy to run and tell me what I need to know :: Fairground Autoplaza: Rolla, MO

Reports are easy to run and tell me what I need to know

We started looking for a new customer relationship management (CRM) system when we were starting a BDC and needed a better way to follow-up with customers. In April, we chose Contact Management from Reynolds and Reynolds.

The old way we managed our customer relationships was unreliable and untraceable. We would depend on Sales to remember to follow-up with customers. With Contact Management, our follow up abilities have increased by 50% because we have a process in place that is monitored and measurable.

I also use Contact Management for tracking purposes. I like to know what is going on, and the reports in Contact Management are easy to run and tell me what I need to know as opposed to having to go through a long process to figure it out. Before Contact Management, tracking our closing ratio was difficult Ė it was maybe 3%. Since using Contact Management, we are now tracking our closing ratio at 12%.

Contact Management is effective and easy to use. It helps us better reach customers we may not have been able to reach before. Our salespeople have embraced it and itís a great match for our dealership.

Keith Stephenson
Marketing Director
Fairground Autoplaza
Rolla, MO

Flow of information is easy to understand and navigate through :: Ken Stoepel Ford Lincoln: Kerrville, TX

Flow of information is easy to understand and navigate through

I recently upgraded to the new Contact Management because I knew it would integrate with our DMS the best. Iíve used other CRM solutions in the past, but Contact Management offers the integration with our Reynolds DMS which is critical to our success. The integration allows our Sales Consultants to succeed by giving them visibility of when our clientís last service visit occurred and also what vehicles in their garage we are servicing that we may have sold or not sold to them.

When I started using new Contact Management, the first thing I noticed was the organization of information. You start from the topÖhow the customer got here, then fill in the desired vehicle and trade in, and create the deal. This flow of information is easy to understand and therefore easy to navigate through. Itís organized like a car deal Ė you donít have to second guess it.

The second thing I noticed was the dashboards. I have 8 different ones running constantly to help me with follow-up activities and making sure activities are completed. I can see everything I need on one screen.

Lastly, I love the Learn Its. When I get new people, the first thing I teach them is to click on the help and go to ďLearn It Now.Ē Everything they need to know is right there. Even after theyíve been here awhile and come to me with questions, I still encourage them to go to the Learn Its because I know itís where they will find most of their answers.

It takes multiple systems working together to impact our bottom line, and Contact Management is one of those systems. Its stability and history in the market place makes it the best choice for our dealership.

Michael Rodriguez
Internet Manager
Ken Stoepel Ford Lincoln
Kerrville, TX

Helps us overcome the challenge of retaining customers :: Robert Levis Chevrolet Cadillac: Slidell, LA

Helps us overcome the challenge of retaining customers

When our Reynolds DMS contract was up for renewal, we starting shopping for a CRM system to see what was in the market. We considered many factors (cost, integration, data security) and chose to stay with Reynolds and upgrade to new Contact Management. We didnít want to risk the ease of integration with our DMS or not knowing who is doing what with our data. Reynolds is the only vendor that offers a complete suite of solutions that address all these challenges. Choosing Reynolds and Reynolds was a no-brainer.

Contact Management has helped us overcome one of the biggest challenges in our industry Ė retaining customers. Everyone knows it is a lot cheaper to retain a customer than to conquest a new one. Due to the increase in the amount of information new Contact Management has on the individual customer screens, we are able to develop different selling strategies for different customers. The more loyal a customer is, the more we pursue that person for their continued business.

Iím so glad we chose to continue our partnership with Reynolds and Reynolds and upgrade to new Contact Management. The seamless integration and data security policies provide me with the peace of mind Iím not willing to give up.

Keith Williams
General Manager
Robert Levis Chevrolet Cadillac
Slidell, LA

Best part is the access to Service history :: Waite Toyota: Watertown, NY

Best part is the access to Service history

Before Contact Management, we used pen and paper to track our customer activities. This method was not working and we needed a better way to track whom Sales was talking to and who was working with our Internet Department.

We considered other vendors but choose to stay with Contact Management because the other vendors didnít connect with our Reynolds DMS the way Contact Management does. We started with classic Contact Management and migrated to new.

With Contact Management, we are better able to track our customer interactions. Through one screen, I can easily see whom our customers have spoken with and what vehicles theyíve been looking at; the information I need is all right there. If a customer shows up on the lot, I can direct them to the person who already knows their trade and contact information.

The best part of new Contact Management is the access to Service history. This information has helped us in two ways: 1) Sales can look up when a customer was last in for service and with special permissions, can see what has been done to the vehicle. This information can ultimately lead to a better appraisal. 2) We use Service history to target customers thinking about buying a vehicle (customers with leases expiring or that have high mileage vehicles). This has helped us make more money because it allows us to re-position our advertising dollars so they are more effective.

Contact Management has given us information that we didnít have before. It has streamlined our processes, increased our profits and made us a better functioning dealership.

Matt Young
System Administrator
Waite Toyota
Watertown, NY
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