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Reynolds Integrated Telephone System

Balance customer service and productivity with the telephone system created specifically for automotive retailers.

Scranton Motors Testimonial
Customer Testimonials

"The telephone system has helped us transform the customer experience. With Reynolds Integrated Telephone System, we reached 97% CSI."
Meghan Scranton, Dealer Principal
Scranton Motors
Vernon, CT

"Reynolds Integrated Telephone System saved us $100,000. We would’ve had to hire three additional people to staff the phones the way we wanted. We’re able to see when our high-volume traffic is, and we would not have known that without Reynolds."
Matt Scranton, General Manager
Scranton Motors
Vernon, CT

"We usually save eight to ten car deals a month by going in and listening to the phone calls."
Sandy Austell, General Manager
Lexus of Riverside
Riverside, CA

"What used to take us ten minutes to do now takes us only one or two minutes to accomplish, which that's saving time for the customer. That's so important and people appreciate it."
Dan Davidson, Dealer Principal
Lexus of Riverside
Riverside, CA

"[Reynolds Integrated Telephone System] automatically makes a phone call upon a part's arrival. We've gone from having the average special order parts hanhang-around time from 45 to 60 days down to less than 10 days from time of delivery. We no longer have a line item for part’s write-offs anymore. We thought our no show rate in Service was fantastic at 15%, but now it’s down to 7%. With Reynolds Integrated Telephone System, the customer experience is seamless."
Patrick Colley, Digital Marketing Manager
San Diego Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
San Diego, CA

"Our first point of contact with our customers is through our phone system. With the Reynolds Integrated Telephone System client information screen, we can immediately see the customer’s history. Having this information helps us better determine how to interact with that customer over the phone."
Denise Brothers, Controller
Biggs Cadillac Buick GMC
Elizabeth City, NC

"Our sales managers are excited because they can better track their employees’ follow-up and offer tips or more training if necessary. We’re now seeing better communication between our departments. If we didn’t have the Reynolds Integrated Telephone System, the speed at which we get information would greatly suffer. Now, we have the information we need to help service our customers better and in a timelier manner."
Carter Ener, Director of Technical Operations
Wiesner Automotive Group
Conroe, TX

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