Brand name usage

Our name is part of our brand. We are well known in the industry, and every interaction with the Reynolds brand has an impact. With the right standards of excellence and consistency around the brand, that impact can be positive and substantial.

Reynolds and Reynolds

  • Reynolds and Reynolds must be used with the correct capitalization, spelling, and spacing. Never use a logogram such as an ampersand (&) in place of “and.”
  • “The Reynolds and Reynolds Company” or “Reynolds and Reynolds” must be used in the first reference; Reynolds may be used in subsequent references.
  • When adding in front of a product name, Reynolds must be used, and not Reynolds and Reynolds. In such cases, never add an apostrophe (‘) after Reynolds.
  • Never shorten Reynolds or Reynolds and Reynolds.
  • Never use the logo as part of a sentence or in place of text where “Reynolds and Reynolds” should be used.

Reynolds and Reynolds


Reynolds & Reynolds




  • POWER must be typeset in all uppercase letters with no spaces.




The ERA® Dealership Management System

  • ERA must be typeset in all uppercase letters with no spaces.
  • ERA must have the Registered Trademark (®) in superscript in the first reference (including titles), and dropped in subsequent references within the same material or document.
  • To protect the trademark, ERA should be used as an adjective in all references (e.g., the ERA® system).


  • ERA-IGNITE must be typeset in all uppercase letters with a hyphen and no spaces.
  • Never abbreviate ERA-IGNITE.
  • Never split ERA-IGNITE onto two lines.






Era ignite

The docuPAD® system

  • docuPAD must be used with the correct capitalization, spelling, and spacing. docu must be in lowercase, and PAD must be in uppercase. There are no spaces in between.
  • docuPAD must have the Registered Trademark (®) in superscript in the first reference (including titles), and dropped in subsequent references within the same material or document.
  • To protect the trademark, docuPAD should be used as an adjective in all references (e.g., the docuPAD® system).
  • Copyright data for the docuPAD system must be included in the document footer: The docuPAD® system is protected by U.S. patents 8,531,424; 8,547,356; 8,854,330; 8,933,904; 9,081,423; and 9,235,276.  Additional patents pending.

the docuPAD® system





Docu pad

docu PAD

Let us help you.

Get the most out of your Reynolds investment. Reynolds Software Education has a class for every dealership role. We offer a variety of training options to meet your needs. Our team of experienced instructors goes beyond the syllabus, taking the time to help you understand how to better use your products.

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Reynolds Software Education is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. A variety of CPE approved classes are available. Fields of study include: Accounting, Auditing, Computer Software and Applications, and Management Services.

Types of training:

Free Webinars

These short, free sessions are available online and cover a variety of topics each month. Topics include: keyboard shortcuts, introductory product sessions, and building reports. There’s something for every department.

‘Net Classes

If you need more in-depth training, these interactive online classes let you get more personal attention from our instructors. The purpose is to train you on how to use your software applications. In this environment, your trainer can view your screen and jump in when you need extra help. With hands-on, real-world examples, you will learn by doing.

Classroom Training

Get out of your dealership and spend some time with us. Designed to go deep into specific departments of your dealership, this manager-level training takes place at our facilities in Dayton, OH and Houston, TX. Get away from the distractions of your dealership, and connect with Reynolds experts who understand the software best.

On-Demand Training

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"I'm excited to streamline processes so that everyone can be more efficient, and we can make more money."

Michelle Hoppenworth
Karl Chevrolet
Testimonial - Training - Karl Chevrolet
Karl Chevrolet

"They've been in dealerships. They know dealerships. They're not computer guys. They are real, true car guys."

Tim Roussell
Bryan Honda
Testimonial - Training - Bryan Honda
Bryan Honda

"Reynolds training was 100% worth the investment, and I would take a class again in a heartbeat."

Casey Smith
East Tennessee Nissan
Testimonial - Training - East Tennessee Nissan
East Tennessee Nissan
POWER Testimonials

Reynolds and Reynolds Receives STAR 2006 DTS Implementation Award

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, a leading provider of software and services to the automotive retailing industry, announced today that the Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR) organization has presented the 2006 Implementation Award to the Reynolds POWER system team.

Reynolds Adds to List of Vehicle Data Transfer Partners

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, a leading provider of software and services to automotive retailers, today announced a number of newly approved Vehicle Data Transfer (VDT) partners for the POWER dealership management system (DMS).

Reynolds Announces devVenture as a Certified Interface Vendor

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, a leading provider of software and services to automotive retailers, today announced the addition of devVenture as a Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) vendor for the POWER Dealership Management System (DMS).

Reynolds Adds Test Drive Videos for Dealership Web sites and Customer Relationship Management Tools

Reynolds and Reynolds, a leading provider of software and services to automotive retailers, announced today the company will add Test Drive Videos to the Web, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools it provides to automotive dealerships.

Reynolds Announces New GM Parts Integration Software for the ERA® and POWER Systems

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company today announced General Motors (GM) has approved its Parts Availability and Parts Information integration software for GM dealers in the U.S. using the Reynolds ERA® and POWER dealership management systems (DMS).
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