RCI Third Party List

RCI certification classification

“Certified” third party

Have completed the Reynolds certification process with a specific application and a specific set of data components. You can recognize certified third-party vendors by their use of the RCI logos with the appropriate ERA and/or POWER designations. These third parties are provided the technical support of Reynolds and Reynolds for their approved interface.

Fulfill all your business needs.

We are able to manufacture many of the items you use every day, and we control the process from beginning to end. You will receive high-quality products that work for your dealership. Count on Reynolds – the largest supplier of documents and products to the automotive industry – for solutions for every department in your dealership. For over 90 years, we’ve provided dealerships a range of products and services to help push you toward success.

How we can help

Regardless of the DMS you use, you will receive outstanding service and personal attention from a local, experienced document services consultant who understands your business. Our consultants are backed by a dedicated customer service team ready to help. Find out why 97% of our customers are satisfied with Reynolds Documents Services.

Dealership documents and supplies

Count on your one stop shop for all your automotive business needs. With over 10,000 products available, we offer documents and supplies essential for every department in your dealership.

LAW® F&I compliance documents

Manage your compliance risks and streamline your process using standardized forms and documents. Increased regulatory scrutiny has made the indirect lending process more complex. Reynolds partners with legal advisors and industry experts to create documents you can trust.

Marketing products and services

Attracting and retaining customers in both sales and service is vital to the success of your dealership. Reach customers in their homes and vehicles, and in your dealership to maximize revenue and customer loyalty.

Bankers Systems® F&I compliance documents

Staying current with ever-changing regulations is no easy task. Reynolds legal professionals regularly monitor legal and industry changes - allowing you to focus on keeping your business running at peak performance. Bankers Systems products are commonly used by dealers in the marine, RV, powersports, and motorcycle industries.

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Reynolds and Reynolds products

We offer products and services for every area of an automotive dealership. We've selected a number of our top products to highlight. If you have any further questions or don't see the product or service you want information on, please contact us at Media_Relations@reyrey.com.

Dealership Management System

Reynolds offers automotive retailers their choice of two dealership management systems, ERA-IGNITE and POWER. The DMS is much like an ERP system for dealerships to manage all aspects of business operations — from accounting and payroll to service orders, customer information, and communications and data back to the manufacturer. 

Both dealership management systems provide automotive retailers with an integrated approach to delivering the software, services, and support they need to operate their business more efficiently, serve customers more effectively, and to maximize performance and profit across every employee, department, and store.

Both also incorporate in-depth reporting tools for dealership management to help them easily view and monitor key areas of their business, which can simplify management control and enhance employee productivity.

Training and Support

Reynolds offers world-class training and support to help dealers make the most of their investment.

The Reynolds customer support centers are staffed with experienced professionals who are trained to assist customers in resolving their technical concerns — from the simplest to most complex software, hardware, and networking issues. On-site hardware support is also provided.

Business Consulting

Reynolds Consulting Services serves all automobile retailers, regardless of DMS. Reynolds consultants can help dealers identify operating weaknesses, improve business processes, and implement best practices to achieve their desired results in all areas of the dealership.

Accessories Selling Solution

AddOnAuto is an in-store vehicle accessories point-of-sale solution that helps automobile retailers sell accessories more effectively and manage the fulfillment process more efficiently.

F&I Selling Solution

The docuPAD® system is a complete financial and insurance (F&I) selling tool for dealership personnel to present finance and insurance options to customers purchasing a vehicle.

The docuPAD system is a large, flat, table-top screen that enables the F&I manager and customer to see every step of the F&I process together — from signing documents on screen with a stylus to watching video presentations of F&I products.

It also provides compliance and electronic audit trials by tracking steps in the process and captures documents and files electronically for easy retrieval.

Reporting and Analytics

ReverseRisk® is an advanced reporting platform designed to deliver critical business information and analytics to automotive retailers, regardless of DMS. As a single, comprehensive reporting platform, ReverseRisk provides detailed insights into dealership performance and operating results, eliminating the need for managers to use multiple reporting systems in order to gain a complete picture of their dealership operations.

Call Management

Reynolds works with Callbright® to provide dealers with real-time telephone communication management delivered through web-based tools. Callbright's tools track advertising effectiveness, record and monitor calls, and send broadcast messages, all of which can help dealers optimize their marketing investments and enhance customer relationships.

Marketing and Advertising

Reynolds partners with Naked Lime Marketing to deliver integrated marketing, advertising, and web services for automotive retailers. From websites and digital advertising to marketing strategy, social media, and reputation monitoring, Naked Lime Marketing is a full-service firm to help dealerships improve business results and the customer experience.

Reynolds Document Services

While technology is ever-present in the dealership, traditional business forms, promotional products, and business supplies remain important parts of any automotive retailer's operation.

Business Forms and Supplies

Reynolds Document Services continues to be a leader in supplying the printed business forms that help dealers effectively manage their retail operations — from deal jackets and sales contracts to financial statements and payroll checks to parts invoices and service repair orders.

LAW® Contracts

For vehicle sales, the Reynolds LAW® 553 Universal Retail Sale Contract is available to any dealership, regardless of DMS, and is the most widely accepted document in automotive finance. LAW 553 contracts can be used by all funding sources — prime and non-prime banks, finance companies, captive lenders, and credit unions — making the F&I process faster and easier for dealerships and consumers. The LAW 553 is regularly reviewed to keep pace with new legislative and regulatory developments.

Reynolds also offers state-specific F&I forms libraries in all 50 states. These libraries contain a comprehensive catalog of standardized, legally reviewed F&I documents for franchised new car retailers. The forms help dealers improve consistency and effectiveness of their F&I process and improve the customer experience. The forms are available in paper and electronic formats.

Dealership Branding

Reynolds Document Services offers dealership marketing services from direct customer materials, one-to-one marketing solutions, in-vehicle merchandising, or personalized home mailings. These services are proven to help dealerships build stronger relationships with consumers throughout their entire vehicle ownership cycle.

Document Services also offers an array of promotional products to help dealers maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace.

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Your entire dealership. One system.

Keep every department on the same page with Reynolds Retail Management System. Deliver an efficient, engaging, and effective experience in every area of your dealership.

How the Retail Management System works with your DMS

The Retail Management System is built using Reynolds ERA-IGNITE or POWER Dealer Management Systems as a base. We connect every area of your dealership so you can share information and view reports quickly and efficiently. Give your customers the attention and service they deserve.

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