In the service drive or during a sales campaign — target who is likely to buy.

XtreamService is not your typical equity mining tool. Built to work as part of FOCUS, XtreamService analyzes the profiles of your entire customer database, considering transactional, demographic, and behavioral data to identify customers likely to buy regardless of — or in spite of — their equity position.

Whether you need a targeted sales campaign, have a pre-scheduled service appointment, or even a service walk-in customer, real-time alerts in FOCUS ensure you never miss a sales opportunity.

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Benefits of XtreamService

  • Identify your best prospects using DMS activity.
  • Lead customers into the sales funnel sooner by analyzing each customer's unique position.
  • Acquire quality used inventory through email and direct mail campaigns.
  • Receive real-time notifications for qualified service walk-ins.
  • Eligible for GM IMR turnkey provider funding.
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