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Used Vehicle Management is an inventory management solution that contains detailed used car inventory reports. Connected directly with the sales desk and Desking, it ensures the value assigned to the vehicle by the appraiser matches the value ultimately used in the deal. Any bump requests are tracked so you can see where you are losing money. This brings the new and used vehicle departments together to work toward a common goal of profitability. It helps you stay competitively priced in your market and speed up your appraisal process. You can instantly store, update, and access vehicle information from any device with a wireless internet connection.

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Benefits of Used Vehicle Management

  • Improve profit margins by using recommendations based on your sales performance.
  • Determine which cars to stock with data from your market and your dealership.
  • Increase inventory turn rate by analyzing the current market value and demand.
  • Reduce profit loss by knowing which vehicles to wholesale before they lose value.
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