You are wasting time searching your DOC for answers.

You sit down with your coffee in the morning to go over the DOC before your OEM rep arrives for his visit. You can’t tell why many of last month’s new sales were so far under invoice. After several phone calls to your department managers, the rep is knocking on your door. Your coffee is cold, and you still aren’t any closer to your answers.

Instant, detailed reports show you information you need.

You don’t have to confront your managers to get the answers. Your crucial business information is right in front of you, on a single screen. You can dig down to find where numbers came from and what impacts them. Have all the information you need before you’re face-to-face with your OEM rep.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Know exactly how your dealerships are operating.

If what’s going on in your stores can sometimes feel like a mystery, it’s time to upgrade your reporting. Know exactly what’s going on in your business with one glance. Get details on sales, service, gross profit, and other goals you set in an instant. 

See your key reports on one screen.

Numbers can’t hide when you gather your key reports on one screen. Additional context and details are just a few clicks away. You won’t have to bother your managers for more information. Adjust your strategies to hit your goals before they’re a problem.

Detailed reporting lets you track your goals.

Don’t let the end-of-month numbers surprise you. With detailed reporting, you can track inventory, average grosses, and other important metrics. Check how your department is doing at any time during the month; cut off problems before they start. You’ll be hitting your targets in no time.

Stay on top of technician proficiency.

Your technicians’ hours and efficiency aren’t out of your control. Know how they’re performing before the month ends. Guide your team with in-depth reporting that lets you dig into the details.

Resolve accounting disputes.

When data in your ledger doesn’t match up, it might look like you’re hiding something. Discover the root of your problems in seconds by drilling into reports to where the numbers came from. If you’re still out of balance, you’ll know what to fix.

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