You should have a showroom, not a waiting room.

You look out in your showroom and see customers waiting everywhere. You’re understaffed and you’ve fallen behind in F&I. Customers should be spending their time more wisely. Stop wasting your customers’ valuable time.

Turn waiting into selling.

Everyone dreads waiting for and going into the F&I office, but customers waiting for F&I are an additional sales opportunity. Fill that time with an engaging and informative accessories presentation with AddOnAuto. Change your customers’ perception of waiting while adding to your bottom line.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

General Manager

Your sales team quickly ushered the customer through the sales process. Your desk manager is able to desk six deals at a time, but then your customers are stuck waiting on F&I. Turn that wait time into engaged time by presenting accessories. In fact, almost half of all new vehicle buyers plan to accessorize their vehicle. Fill that wait time and you could have better customer satisfaction and increased accessories sales.

F&I Manager

Most customers want to purchase a vehicle and get out the door, but you keep them sitting alone in the showroom. Engage your customers while they wait for their turn in your office. The sales team can present additional accessory options which can be added to the payment terms. Continue the engagement with an efficient process in your office. This small change alters the customers’ perception of time and of the dealership.

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