How do you beat the price war?

Each month your sales numbers slip a little more. For the last two months, you’ve missed your OEM stair-step bonus. There is a price war going on in your market. The only time you win a deal is when the customer threatens to walk and your sales team caves on price. If you don’t start moving more vehicles, you might be the one walking off the lot.

Use real data to make smarter decisions.

It’s tempting and even easier to price lowest in the market to win, but it could be more costly in the long run. You need the right data at your fingertips to instantly see the most current information on your market area and store performance. Make smarter decisions, based on real market data, during pricing, appraising, and negotiating. Keep your inventory moving while maximizing profit.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Dealer Principal

Don’t wait around for end of day or end of month reports. Get personalized snapshots for your entire store sent to your email. This will keep you informed so you can change your strategy to stay ahead of your competition. You’ll know if you can afford to cut the price or stick to your guns. Make better, more profitable decisions.

Sales Manager

See powerful customer information right in front of you when talking to your customers. Know vehicle purchase information, past service history, and customer profitability over the years. Make a personal connection to help sway your customers and know what their needs are. This gives you the leverage to make smart decisions faster to help you win the deal.

Used Car Manager

Don’t base your appraisal on making the sale. Use hard facts based on your dealership’s history, your customer’s history, and your market to make the best decisions. You’ll have instant access to the leading valuation books and your market data, making sure you stay up to date on pricing. Don’t get stuck over paying for a clunker again.

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