One click. Thirty-two payment options.

Desking with Rates and Residuals & Rebates and Incentives is a comprehensive desking tool that accurately calculates and presents multiple payment options for finance and lease deals in seconds.

Present up to 32 payment options simultaneously with one click on one screen. You are able to set desired profit criteria and sort options based on a number of factors, such as payment, total gross, and lenders. We maintain the rates and residuals data based on information received from lenders, dealers, and ALG. You can count on payments matching with a single calculation engine.

You can also provide the best combination of stackable rebates and incentives for which the customer and vehicle qualify. The research process is automated by providing the most accurate rebate and incentive information directly to your deal.

Benefits of Rates and Residuals

  • Increase profits with instant visibility to finance reserve and total gross.
  • Reduce errors and save time by accessing a single, unified database.
  • Improve first pencil closes by quickly presenting multiple payment options.
  • Reduce rejected finance packages with accurate residuals and money factors.

Benefits of Rebates and Incentives

  • Access rebate and incentive information digitally to quickly show customers payment options.
  • Improve closing ratios by presenting multiple options at once.
  • Focus on customers instead of manual number crunching.
  • Reduce rejected finance packages with more accurate information.

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