Rethink accessory selling.

AddOnAuto is an in-store auto accessories selling system. Using interactive presentations, it helps you sell accessories effortlessly and manage the fulfillment process with ease. As a part of your sales process, accessories chosen by your customer are automatically added into the deal and can be financed. Track and manage the entire accessory process from the sale to order placement and fulfillment. Taking advantage of the Supplier Network, you can easily communicate through the system with your chosen distributors, suppliers, and restylers. Each person involved can make updates as the order makes its way to fulfillment. Monthly consulting is included to make sure your accessories department is a success. Take the pressure and stress out of accessory sales with an engaging user interface, a streamlined process, and robust reporting functionality.

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Benefits of AddOnAuto

  • Create a new profit center in both sales and service.
  • Satisfy the customer's need to personalize their vehicle.
  • Increase employee retention by giving your sales team more opportunities to make money on a sale.
  • Simplify your processes with systematic reports to manage orders through fulfillment.
  • Access to a network of suppliers and restylers with current pricing and products.
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