Ever Wonder What We Do at Reynolds and Reynolds?

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Wondering what we actually do at Reynolds?

Our customers are car dealerships. We make products to help them sell more cars, sell more service, and take better care of their customers.

Here's how: Every dealership is trying to capture the attention of buyers, or potential buyers, like you. To do that, they create websites, send emails, run TV ads, and host dealership events.

Our job is to give them the tools that will help them not only create those websites, but make their site stand out at the top of search results. Our solutions help them create emails that will actually make it to your inbox and be about the vehicle you own, not the one you traded in two years ago.

Once the dealership has your attention, they need to turn you into a customer. Through a phone system that knows it's you calling before the receptionist answers, and a relationship management tool that shows them exactly what business you've already done with them, or an online live chat tool that lets them instantly answer your question.

Our solutions make it possible for them to treat you like the valued customer you are. And once you've decided to buy the car, it's our software that helps them locate the best bank rates, calculate and show you your payment options, and get you quickly through the F&I; office, with all the right forms signed, possibly even without paper.

When it's time for your car to get serviced, our solutions let the service advisor greet you in the drive, inspect your car, and go over all of your service recommendations on a tablet PC.

It's also our solutions that keep the advisors and technicians on track to get your car done faster, and at the price they quoted you.

We touch every part of the car retailing process at a dealership, from the stuff you see as a buyer to a lot of the stuff you don't see, like what they use to decide which cars to buy for their stock or the software and forms they use to manage their employees and pay their bills.

What we provide car dealers goes far beyond software and forms. We also offer training and the industry's best business consulting. It's all backed by an award-winning service team that's available to answer every dealer question or troubleshoot any technology issue.

Reynolds is unique in our industry because every line of code in our software systems is written and tested by our own internal, US-based associates. Because we are committed to developing and supporting our solutions internally, we are also committed to developing our associates and promoting from within.