Westside Lexus RFID for Service Testimonial

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Dale McMullen is the general manager of Westside Lexus in Houston, TX.

RFID speeds up things remarkably, because we’re not having to enter data into the computer. Once they drive on the drive, the information pops up, we’re ready to take the information down as far as what they need done to the vehicle and immediately get it into service. Just in our CSI index, we’ve gained 3%–4% already in just a short period of time.

“Now, with the RFID, a customer sees their name in lights. They go through the process, they go to sit down in the lounge, they see their name on the board, they see how the car is progressing.

“Salespeople can go into the service department and say, ‘Hey that’s my customer!’ and immediately go up and greet their customer. That way they can follow up with that customer, and they really like that.

“It helps that CSI situation. Making them feel welcome, but at the same time, making sure that we can track the vehicle and get the vehicle through our service department, so that we can get as many vehicles through as possible.

“Well, if I was speaking to another dealer about RFID, I would say, Do it, you’re going to get your money back. You’ll increase your RO count, increase your CSI scores. It’s the way to go.”

Robert Parnell is the parts and service manager of Westside Lexus.

“It’s kind of like your iPhone. Once you have it, you never want to be without one. RFID is just a part of what we’re going to do in the future — it’s just a part of what I think our customers are going to expect to see.

“When the customer is returning in a loaner vehicle, it gives the consultant a heads up, lets them know the customer is here. [It] sends a notification to the cashiers, as well, so they’re able to jumpstart the process and have the valets go retrieve the customer’s car for them. Customers do like to be informed. Customers do like to be kept up to date.  And they like to know where their car is. They don’t want to call and leave a voicemail. And that’s very important to us, is that customer experience.

“We were really concerned about having customers make comments about the privacy or the chip may contain information. We’ve not had one single person make a complaint, and very few people even ask about it.

“The amount of cars come through the service drive compared to a few years ago has gone up substantially. Every vehicle, in terms of parts and service gross profit, is $325–$350. So if I process ten more cars a month, it way more than pays for itself.”