Vann York Auto Group Desking Testimonial

Rick Campbell is the e-commerce director at Vann York Auto Group.

Desking allows us to save an average of 30–45 minutes a client.

“We’re able to see what the customer needs, we’re able to customize their needs in Desking to what works for them. It saves time for them; it saves time for the desk; it saves time for the salesperson.

“We’re able to present several scenarios to the customer whether it be payments, interest rates, or down payments and how that reflects in the differences or advantages to the customer, as well as leasing.

“We can do that from one screen and present it to the customer. It makes it easy for the customer to select the option that’s the best for them or even bring up objections that then we’re able to address.

“We can write the deals up our self from the internet department and we can look at where we stand on the deal. You know, how much gross or lack of gross do we stand? We can also look at what is the best way to present our program.

“Simple, easy for everyone involved.

“I love Desking simply for the fact that in one button I’m able to pull that customer number up and I’m able to pull their credit. I’m able to look at the whole deal, and see where we stand.

“I’m in that office, they make a change, I can see that change and I can understand what is going on with the deal. Desking allows us to incorporate all the needs of the customer into one simple solution.”

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