Uftring Ford ReyPAY® Testimonial

Patrick McKinley is the controller and CPA of Uftring Auto Group.

“Implementing ReyPAY® was really a simple process. We flipped a switch and within fifteen minutes we were up and running. It’s really simple and easy to use.

“One of the big advantages of having ReyPAY compared to our old system is we used to have a real problem with transposition errors. The bill was $45, they’d run the credit card for $54. Credit cards wouldn’t balance. That process is gone because now it all links together.

“On the reconciliation side daily we’re saving a minimum of 30 minutes; it could be up to two hours a day, per store.

“Being able to make payments online, our customers have expressed they really like that. It eases the process.

“When I talk to the F&I managers, is that when they have to do a credit card transaction they don’t have to leave the customer. So they get to stay with the customer the entire time and the customer sees everything that’s happening.

“All that credit card information is stored safely and securely on the OpenEdge website. I was concerned about that, from going to our old process to a new one but they’ve been a very good company and very good to work with.

“With ReyPAY, I think the system will pay for itself in what you save in time — your staff trying to reconcile, trying to chase things down.

“This is the easiest decision you’re ever going to make because ReyPAY is so simple. It automates the system; it’s secure for the customer and for the dealer. It’s really a no-brainer. Just buy it.”

Kevin Sullivan is the service manager for Uftring Auto Group.

“ReyPAY has definitely been a benefit for our customers picking up their vehicles. Our customers are able to have their tickets closed within about 30 seconds on the service lane.

“Our customers like the fact that they can receive their invoices online and their time is our priority.”